Ashley Layton was a software mogul and CEO of Laytech in Gotham City.

When Violet Paige was a young girl, Mister Layton was actually the person who suggested to Violet's brother Victor that the family enroll her in the corrupt boarding school Gather House.[1] Because of his association with Gather House, Violet and another of the school's victims Pretty sought revenge on the man as adults.[2]

While Violet, operating as Mother Panic, had limits to what she would do to harm Mister Layton, Pretty, who had been disfigured into a plastic surgery nightmare by the house, did not. Mother Panic and Pretty, realizing their common backstories, worked together to blow up Laytech, but, when Pretty suggested they kill Layton's young son, the partnership was quickly ended. [3]

Pretty continued his mission against Layton though and exploded the CEO's limousine while he was inside, killing him.[4]




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