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Ashley Rayburn uses body paints to give her a variety of powers under the name Primer.

Before Ashley Rayburn was put into a foster home she lived with her father. During a struggle between her father and a police officer Ashley kicked a gun to her father, who was later imprisoned at Harper Penitentiary for murder. This led to Ashley being put in a foster home.

During her time in the foster home Ashley had started spraying graffiti onto public walls and had five foster families in two years. When she was twelve Ashley was adopted by Kitch and Yuka Nolan. After moving into the house and being gifted a phone as a welcome gift, Ashley accidentally knocked over a pan of boiling water, causing Yuka to shout at her and Ashley to run away. After running away Ashley was caught spraying graffiti onto a wall by Kitch. Kitch showed her a studio for painting that Ashley could use instead of vandalising.

The following day Ashley had her first day at her new school, Angelou Middle School, during which she saw Brayden bullying Luke and stealing a wig that he created as practice for becoming a hairstylist. In response to this Ashley took a football that Brayden was holding and threw it at a teacher, causing Brayden to get told off by the teacher.

Ashley later invited Luke to her house and unlocked the safe in her parents' bedroom in an attempt to find her birthday present early. Instead, she found a suitcase filled with body paints that gave the wearer a variety of powers depending on the colour. After realising that it was actually a project that Yuka was working on for Zecromax Labs, Ashley tested all of the different colours of body paints in the nearby park. Ashley discovered that only three body paints can be worn before the powers stop working. In the same night Ashley wore one of Luke's wigs and used the body paints to fight crime. She beat the Night Knights, a group of criminals who dress as knights.

The next day was Ashley's birthday, during which she was given VIP tickets to a Gotham Knights football game by Yuka and Nolan. On the same day two professors who worked with Yuka at Zecromax Labs, Dr. Cronin and Dr. Fletcher, were attacked and killed by Cal Strack, a soldier who was looking for the stolen body paints. After her birthday Ashley saved a plane that was falling out of the sky by redirecting the plane and landing it. After stopping the plane from crashing Ashley announced that her superhero name was Primer on TV.

Strack discovered that Primer was Ashley Rayburn and attacked her at an empty warehouse. Primer was made powerless when Strack turned on the warehouse's sprinkler system, washing off all of the body paints. As Strack was collecting all of the body paints, Primer used the teleportation paint to isolate herself from Strack. To lure Primer out, Strack kidnapped Yuka and Kitch and tied them to a chair in the forest.

Primer teleported to the forest and rescued her parents by squirting the teleportation paint from a water gun at Strack, causing his powers to overload as he could only wear three body paints at a time. Strack was beaten by Primer after he used his powers to change his appearance to Ashley's birth father. After the fight, Ashley was gifted a costume from Major General Temple for saving his life, with a note stating that she could not be a superhero without a costume.[1]

Primer was later seen at the Teen Titans Academy to become a student.[2]


  • Body Paints: Body paints which give the wearer a variety of powers depending on the colour worn. Only three colours can be worn at one time. There is a total of thirty-three body paints in total.



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