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Quote1 Oh, of course it is. Or would you rather I stayed that terrified little girl, crying and waiting for you to come and rescue me? I would have been waiting a long time. Quote2
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Astra Logue was a member of the Legends and a girl damned to Hell as a child, following a botched exorcism by John Constantine. In hell, she was raised by the Fate Lachesis.

Astra was damned to hell as a child when Constantine failed to save her in an exorcism gone wrong. She was taken into the care of Lakhesis of the Fates, who corrupted her soul and turned her into their puppet.

After Neron took control of Hell, she stole eighteen evil souls to expand her own armies: these would kill hundreds, who would be hers to command in Hell. As its Queen, she would be able to take her revenge on Constantine. Constantine and the Legends interfered. When she tried to tamper with Constantine's soul, he offered to help her. After several more tribulations, she relented, only to be betrayed and killed by Atropos. Clotho/Charlie restored her to life, allowing her to live her own fate on Earth.

After the kidnapping of Sara Lance by Bishop and the invasion of the Zagurons, Astra and the Legends became trapped in the past and began to be pursued by the evil version of Gideon. After the robot's defeat, Astra and the others were tricked by Booster Gold and are arrested by the Time Police.[4][5][6][7][8][9]




  • Soul tokens (Formerly)



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