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Queen Astra of Infanta is an ally of Wonder Woman and the Amazons of Paradise Island.

Astra was one of the children, mainly girls, who were abandoned in ancient Sparta to perish during the night because they were considered too weak. That night, the infants were saved by the Amazons led by Queen Hippolyta, who, haunted by the shining courage of one of the girls when facing a pack of wolves, called her Astra, after the stars.

So the Amazons took the baby girls on their Flying Swan Planes to Infanta, the Child Planet, where they were received by the Infantas, other girls who were once saved by the Amazons, to be taught the Amazon way of love, peace, service, discipline, and sports.

Because of the atmospheric conditions, Astra reached her full powers at five years and never aged more than that. Astra's remarkable prowess and devotion to others soon earned her Infanta's highest honors, becoming Queen Astra of Infanta.[1]

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