Astrid Arkham, more commonly known as the Arkham Knight, is one of Batman's newest foes. She seeks to bring about something she calls "The Eclipse".


Astrid Arkham's parents were both doctors in Arkham Asylum, her father Jeremiah Arkham was a descendant of the Asylum's founder Amadeus Arkham. Her mother Ingrid Karlsson was a kind-hearted woman who was liked and respected by even the most psychotic patients of Arkham Asylum like the Joker. While Ingrid was heavily pregnant with Astrid a riot broke out in the prison. It was in this precarious environment that Ingrid went into labor. In a moment of human compassion super-villains such as Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Joker, Solomon Grundy and Clayface stopped rioting to help and protect Ingrid during her time of need. However this didn't stop tragedy from striking as a rogue Batarang thrown by an inmate struck Ingrid in the neck, killing her.[1]

The riot soon subsided and Jeremiah was left to raise his daughter alone, who grew up within the confines of Arkham Asylum. She didn't get to spend time with other children as Jeremiah home schooled her in Arkham, instead she made friends with the inmates of the Asylum who all took care of her as an act of kindness to her dead mother. She would sit outside the Joker's cell and read fairy tales with him, she always idolized the knights in these stories.[1]

She soon grew to hold a grudge against Batman, who she always saw as a demon who hurt her only friends. Jeremiah tried to tell Astrid the reason Batman hurts her friends, but she couldn't understand his point of view. This grudge turned into hatred when she uncovered video tapes of how her mother died. The tapes obscured who threw the Batarang so Astrid believed Batman had killed her mother.[1]

Swearing revenge on her mother's killer Astrid trained herself into a skilled fighter and started a cult called the Knights of the Sun, a group of Arkham inmates who wanted to rid Gotham of Batman, who they saw as a dark blight on the city. Astrid began calling herself the Arkham Knight, just like the knights in her bedtime stories.[1]



  • Body Armor: The Arkham Knight wears a suit of protective body armour similar to Batman's Batsuit. This suit is stronger then Batman's, capable of deflecting machine gun fire with no issue. The suit is also air tight, allowing Astrid to operate while submerged.[3]
  • Smoke Capsules: Astrid often carries smoke capsules on her person. These bombs can be thrown against a surface to create a cloud of smoke. The Knight usually uses these bombs for a more concealed attack or a quick get away.[3]


  • Shurikens: Astrid carries golden shurikens into battle to be used as throwing projectiles similar to Batman's Batarangs.[3]
  • Sword and Shield: Astrid wields a sword and shield shaped like the letter "A" into battle.[2]
  • Astrid is of Scandinavian descent.[4]
  • According to Robin Astrid is in her late teen years or early twenties.[4]



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