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Astrild Storm-Daughter is a herald of Starro the Conqueror.

Astrild Storm-Daughter was considered a goddess on her own planet of Varidian. Astrild is a bio-mancer that draws on the collective life forces of her planet. This was the wellspring of her power but the drawback was her power would cause other things to die.

When Starro the conqueror attacked her planet, Astrild inadvertently drained the lifeforce of her people as well as the planet to make her strong enough to defeat Starro. Her strategy failed, Starro survived and Astrild only succeeded in destroyed her own planet and people.

She makes her presence known to the R.E.B.E.L.S. when the Omega Men destroyed Vril Dox II's biological computer Silica who was being controlled by Starro. She later emerged alongside a man called Smite, both the willing servants of Starro, seeking his rebirth. Being revealed that they alone willingly served Starro without the need for probes.

Coming into conflict with the R.E.B.E.L.S. again however proved to be fatal for Astrild as she initially fooled Lobo's scent of smell into thinking she was a Czarnian. and subsequently defeated him. When Lobo tracked her to the Psion Homeworld where Starro was hiding, she attempted the same trick, but was impaled through the head with Lobo's meathook before being secured to his bike, pretending he would "frag" Starro for her death. The treatment would drive the reluctant Smite to battle the bounty hunter for her, rather than in the defence of Starro.


Divine Physiology: Astrild was hailed as a kind of Goddess on her home planet before her cataclysmic battle with Starro.[1]