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Atalanta was sister to Queen Alcippe and founder of the Amazons of Bana-Mighdall.

She did not wish to rule, so she abdicated and left the Bana, a lone warrior in the savage world, bringing the message of her patron goddess, Maat, a hard messenger of truth, balance, and justice.[1]

Every solstice for decades Atalanta repelled the Shadow God Tezcatlipoca's soldiers, the Nagual, at Thirteen Heavens before they could enter our world through an Aztec temple at Michoacan, Mexico.[1]

In the last incursion of the Nagual, however, Atalanta failed and Tezcatlipoca's soldiers breached our world, which triggered Aztek's warsuit, leading her, Wonder Woman and Artemis to find her in Thirteen Heavens. The three warriors joined Atalanta in her fight against the Shadow God, defeating him at the end of a hard battle.[2]




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