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The original Atari Force team was formed on an Earth where around 2005 it was suffering from a worldwide war that left the environment devastated and governments in shambles.


The think tank group known as A.T.A.R.I. (Advanced Technology And Research Institute) selected five candidates as the crew for the experimental starship Scanner One, equipped with a Multiversal drive that would enable its passengers to travel through various realities, in order to find a suitable replacement home for Earth's citizens. The candidates include Martin Champion, an experienced military man, as the team's commander; Lydia Perez, a former NASA astronaut, as the pilot; Li San O'Rourke, an experienced military woman, as its security and tactical officer; Mohandas Singh, a former Indian street boy possessed with incredible intelligence, as the engineer; and Dr. Lucas Orion, a former member of the UN Peacekeeping force, as its physician. Through their travels, the Atari Force found a friendly alien mascot called the Hukka as well as a malevolent entity called the Dark Destroyer that was bent on destruction and controlling races. Eventually the team found the perfect new home for Earth's citizens to relocate to.

25 years later, Martin Champion formed a new Atari Force to confront the Dark Destroyer in his latest humanoid form. The new team included Martin's son Christopher Champion (Tempest) who can travel through the Multiverse by a technique called "phasing"; Erin Bia O'Rourke-Singh (Dart), a skilled mercenary with telepathic abilities; Morphea, an empathic Canopian who served as Martin's psychiatrist and counselor; Babe, an infant from an alien world who is being watched over by Morphea; and Tukla Oly (Pakrat), a Markian thief who goes into berserker rages when cornered. Along their journeys on board the Scanner One which they stole from a museum on New Earth, the Atari Force picked up Taz, a short alien female who is proficient with weapons, and Moses Fisk (Blackjak), Dart's partner and lover who was presumed dead, but was actually captured by the Dark Destroyer and forced to do his will. The new Atari Force team met the new form of the Dark Destroyer, who revealed that he was responsible for the death of Martin's wife Lydia and was now planning to destroy the New Earth universe with his anti-matter bomb. Though the bomb did detonate, taking the Dark Destroyer with it, and the Atari Force escaped its destructive force, they found the New Earth universe still intact and returned there only to face charges against them by the government. With the help of Taz's offspring, who assembled a Multiverse transporter, Martin Champion and his new Atari Force team relocated themselves to Old Earth.

Prime Earth

The Atari Force dwelled in the Gamelands region of the Magiclands, and at one point were rescued by the Shazam Family.[1]


Equipment: Space Station One


  • Atari Force was created by writers Gerry Conway and Roy Thomas. Conceptually, the team was owned and co-licensed by Atari, Incorporated, and the initial five issues of the Atari Force comic book was released with individual video game cartridges for the Atari 2600 game platform.

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