Athyns was one of the twelve children brought to New Cronus by Rhea to be trained by and act as the successors to the godly legacy of the Titans of Myth as Titan Seeds.

At the age of thirteen, the Seeds were returned to their own worlds and grew to adulthood with implanted false memories to help them acclimate themselves to their own way of life and eventually aid the Titans in the future. Athyns assisted Donna Troy in defeating his insane former lover and fellow Titan Seed, Sparta after she tried to destroy the rest of the Titan Seeds and destroyed his home planet. Athyns was driven mad by the destruction of his home world and was rendered sane once more by the sacrifice of a fellow Titan Seed, Xanthi of Ozyron. Athyns later became the new protector of Ozyron to honor Xanthi's memory.





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