Quote1 I destroyed Atlantis once with this scepter... AND I SHALL DESTROY IT AGAIN. Quote2
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Centuries ago, Atlan ruled Atlantis. Atlantis expanded under his leadership with its land growing into seven different kingdoms. When his brother, Orin, became disgusted with Atlan's open race policy, he usurped power from Atlan to protect its people from polluting their bloodline. In the battle, Atlan was injured and retreated into the ocean. Orin murdered Atlan's wife and children while he was not there to protect them.

Over the next year, Atlan forged six weapons using the Alchemist's Gold[1] to retake Atlantis. Stricken with grief for the loss of his kingdom and family, Atlan used the scepter to sink Atlantis.[2] Of Atlantis' seven kingdoms, four were destroyed and three survived each evolving differently over the years.

  • Atlantis became the hub of culture and continued to flourish with the descedents of Orin ruling the city, believing themselves to be the true rulers of Atlantis.
  • Xebel took root in the Bermuda Triangle and followed Nereus. Nereus recognized he was not the leader of their bloodline and ruled until the true king could return.
  • Trench lived in the deepest parts of the Mariana Trench. They would follow whomever possessed the Dead King's Scepter.

Upon Atlan's return,[3] the Xebelians and Trench would yield to their 'true' king while the Atlanteans went to war, led by Aquaman. Atlan attempted to use his scepter to destroy Atlantis again but was stopped by the strength and willpower of Aquaman to protect the city. Atlan melted into the magma of a fresh lava vent along with the scepter under Arthur's power.[4]






  • Dead King's Scepter: The most powerful of all his hand crafted relics. With this Trident Atlan held sovereignty over the nations of Atlantis and thanks to their primal imprint, it enables control over the Trench.
    • Geokinesis: The Scepter was able to create seismic activity strong enough to sink Atlantis.



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