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Quote1.png Fool. Did you actually believe you could defeat Atlas? I am all robot, and you are only human. Quote2.png
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Atlas is a robot warrior who dislikes Cyborg.

When Cyborg beats him in a video game, Atlas attacks Titans Tower with revenge. Atlas demands a rematch because he claims he never loses. When Atlas beats Cyborg the first time, the villain abducts the rest of the Titans. Atlas offers a fight for the Titans' custody at the old stadium. Atlas and his mechanic leave.

At the old stadium, Atlas and Cyborg fight. The two are evenly matched in a fair fight, except Atlas has no limit while Cyborg does.

Once Atlas wins the fight, he goes back on his promise and refuses to return the Titans. Cyborg later returns for a rematch, Atlas appears to be winning until Cyborg is able to push past his limits and overpower him. His mechanic refusing to equip his weapons Atlas tries to do it himself only to realise he has no idea how to do that. He is beaten and left damage while the human he pushed about for so long left him.

Later, Atlas joined up with the Brotherhood of Evil. His first mission was to capture the Hispanic wrestler Pantha with Adonis. However, they were both defeated and Pantha got away.[1]

They then returned to the Brotherhood's base, where they were again defeated by all of the Titans. Atlas was among the villains who were frozen by the Brotherhood of Evil's machine.[2]



  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced)
  • Throwing: Atlas shows that he is skilled at playing baseball when he pitches for the villains team against the Titans. Atlas successfully strikes out Beast Boy in the ninth inning.[3]


  • Power Limitation: Atlas apparently has no idea how his systems work and can't fix himself, as shown when he tried to equip a weapon module in battle only to be confused as to what module did what. Robin points out that Atlas needs his mechanic to fix him after every battle. Without his mechanic, Atlas would be nothing.



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