Quote1.png Sister, I know how you feel. When I first got here, I was so confused. Luckily I had a good friend who showed me the ropes. After that, I found my way pretty easily, though a few things still confuse me now and then. Quote2.png
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Terra is a rock-manipulating hero from Strata.

Early Life

Atlee was born and raised in Strata, an underground civilization hidden from the rest of the world. As one of the few Stratans to be born with superpowers, her family and friends helped her embrace the role that her constantly growing powers come with. When she came of age, she was sent to live on the Earth's surface, her task being to blend in, study humanity, and motivate them to stop damaging the environment. Before she was sent to the surface, a dictator from another underground nation tried to set up an arranged marriage with her. Unwilling to be with someone she didn't like or love, she refused.[1] Though her parents compensated the ruler, he maintained a grudge against Atlee for rejecting him.

Surface Life

Upon arrival, she met Power Girl, who helped her understand the surface world and became one her closest friends. Eventually, she decided her bond with Power Girl wasn't helping her learn about humans, so the two parted ways. Atlee bounced around until she settled on Key West to establish a life, while still helping out as a hero when needed. Eventually, her past caught up with her when the ruler she rejected sent a monster to the surface to assassinate her. Unable to kill it, she trapped the creature in an iron sphere and buried it in Key West without anyone finding out about it or her.[2]

Meeting Starfire

When Starfire tried to plant roots in Key West, Atlee met her when Kori visited the restaurant where she worked.[3] Atlee tried giving Kori some advice about interacting with men, but the conversation is cut short when the monster she buried earlier attacks the restaurant. Starfire immediately flew into action, but her attacks only strengthened the beast. When the fight goes outside, Atlee then reveals that the beast is after her and exposes herself as a superhero. The two team up to fight the beast to no avail. However, Atlee gets an idea to use it's energy absorbing powers against to trap it under the ocean floor. Their plan succeeds, an once the chaos subsides, the two immediately become friends.[4]




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