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In the 853rd Century, there was an Atom in the Justice Legion A.

The Atom was a scientist who attempted to extract a new kind of energy from microscopic superstrings but only to cause a singularity that threaten to grow and replace the universe. As the first scientist to be affected by the singularity's unusual radiation that transformed him into a being capable of atomizing his entire physique, he was best suited to contain the singularity. However, he soon realized that the singularity was alive and inhabited, a complete microscopic continuum trying to expand into his universe at the speed of light. The Atom was unable to save his universe and the woman he loved he left behind, leaving him as the sole survivor.

Upon arriving in the new universe, he encountered its first resident, Superman Prime, who shared his sympathies with the Atom for losing everything he had known and welcoming him to stay in this new reality. Despite his losses, the Atom was resolved to one day find his home reality and his lover tucked away somewhere in the current universe. He soon found his place in the Justice Legion after showing his bravery against the Bizarro-Legion.




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This character was created during DC One Million, and is a part of its possible future in the 853rd Century. DC One Million was a massive company-wide crossover event published in 1998.
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