Little is known of the background of the man calling himself the Atom. Born in Germany during the 1920's, he became a member of the Nazi Party as an adult and was soon put to work in espionage missions, in cooperation with Japanese men. Because the Japanese men were all of short stature, the Atom was able to take advantage of the racism that was prevalent at the time to mask them as "gremlins", and using the guise of a fortune teller called Old Meg, acted to scare the party guests of noted Navy Admiral Corby away from the Corby home long enough for the Atom and his allies to search the place for some vital war plans that had been lost there. The plot was foiled by Spy Smasher, who captured the Atom and his cohorts.

The Atom was subsequently tried for espionage and given a long prison sentence. His final fate is currently unknown.

enemy of Spy Smasher

  • The Atom appeared in one story, total, and in it, the reader is not told why he's called "The Atom".



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