Quote1.png Why not? Through my father's all-element ring I dare go anywhere in the universe. In fact, my friend, if you'll look out the window, you can see I've already started on my journey! Quote2.png
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Atom Blake had adventures on Earth, Mercury, Mercury's distant future, Saturn, and Praetoria.

Stuart Blake, mathematician and physicist, worked on an experiment to fuse the atoms from all known elements into one super-powerful metal, from which he hoped to derive an energy source to benefit mankind. After live-animal experimentation made it clear that these powerful rays were also dangerously destructive, Blake decided to experiment on his own infant son, Atom Blake, to develop him into a super-human being, capable of absorbing this incredible level of power. Before leaving Earth, Stuart Blake bequeathed his son a keepsake seal ring, made from his all-element metal.

In his high school years, Atom Blake noticed that he was vastly smarter and faster and stronger than all his classmates, but kept the knowledge to himself. After learning of his true parentage, Atom helped to resolve some crimes, in his home town of Collegeville, but soon grew restless and turned himself into two identical people. One stayed in Collegeville, to continue young Blake's seemingly normal life, while the other one traveled to Planet Mercury, in search of Stuart Blake. On Mercury he overthrew an alien tyrant, and learned of the Eternal Flame Sheet, which was a gateway to the future.

Atom Blake's subsequent adventures took him to the distant future of Mercury, then onward to planets Saturn and Praetoria.


  • Atom Blake can be in two places at once. His explanation: "It all comes from my father's ring; from the formulae written on it I get the necessary sub-atomic mathematical equations; from the sun-metal inside I get the Sunergy I need; and from the inscription itself I get the WILL to be two identical people - - and that's all!"[1] Each of his identical selves is fully clothed, therefore presumably each self wears a Sunergy Ring.
  • Flight On Mercury, Atom Blake can fly.[2]
  • Superhuman Strength Atom has superhuman speed, strength, and visual acuity.[3]
    • Atom can run 100 yards in 3.4 seconds, high-jump 15 feet, and crush a small rock in his bare hand.


  • Millions of years in the future, when the Sun itself has slightly cooled, the Sunergy Ring will likewise be less powerful.


  • Atom Blake's ring is made of All-Elements Metal, developed by Stuart Blake, which is constantly generating "Sunergy". This Ring is the source of Atom's extraordinary powers, including his superhuman strength and speed. It is composed of a metal formed by fusing all 93 of the elements into one radioactive compound.


  • Atom Blake can journey from Earth to Mercury in a very short time.[4]
  • From Planet Mercury, in the distant future, Atom and his girlfriend and his father are transported to an unknown destination, by means of mathematical calculation.[5] Explanation: "Calling on his unbounded mathematical qualities, Atom slowly fades away."


  • Using the Sunergy in his ring, Atom Blake can disintegrate metal,[6] create tunnels,[7] and repel projectiles.[8] It can reshape and transmute an ordinary garbage can into a bulletproof shield,[9] and turn attacking guard dogs into stone.[10] It can stop a speeding spaceship in mid-flight, reaching escape velocity, and drag it back down to Earth.[11]

  • Atom Blake, Boy Wizard was created for Fawcett Publications. In 1991, DC bought the Fawcett comics characters (including Atom Blake) from Fawcett. DC has not yet used Atom Blake in any new stories.
  • In 1940 there were 93 known elements. There are now (2017) 118 known elements.


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