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The Atomic Family Program is a secretive beta test super spy initiative, designed to create deep cover special agents with a host of biophysical augmentations designated for advanced black ops. pertaining infiltration, espionage and heavy infantry.


Primary focusing of the Atomic Family initiative is the spherical modification of operatives via chemical and cybernetic enhancements for producing bolstered assets trained to act as a modern 1950's sitcom suburban family within pedestrian environments.

Its purpose is to play custodian/safeguard to any or all Federal Bureau of Investigation's safehouses, while also serving their function of being remote deployable team whom can take in and monitor the viability of other special agency utilities that've been out in the wind too long. The entity under their senior operators purview were tasked with taking in and assessing the one such credit to the service' while his superiors debated on whether or not to take him back after they'd been AWOL for so long.

But unbeknownst to this Nuclear Family, their desired focus was being tailed by multiple interested parties both working in legitimate business and criminal circuits. One of whom made contact with troubleshooters of the other and enlisted their aid in acquiring their shared target.

Within the FBI enhancile's designated housing; the myriad factions vying for their precious cargo would conduct subterfuge and infiltration without realizing they weren't overly ordinary minimum wage citizenry.

The mother and youngest daughter would give Cole and the cudgel of Rendozzo's men whom accompanied him on the incursion hell. After the supplied neurotoxic gas, given to them as harmless mail order packaging, was supposed to've put the entire household out went off. Grifter getting his legs shot to pieces in the ensuing conflict between furtive commitments, on top of being floored by the now active missing item all present sects were after.

They are later interrogated by Wax and Cecelia for information but were rescued by the men of the house not long after.


Equipment: Stealth wear, Gas masks
Transportation: Civilian Automobiles
Weapons: AR15 Assault Rifle, Tactile Fullautomatic Uzi's, Handheld Nighthawk VIP's, Customized EBR Battle Rifle with Grenade Launcher attachment

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