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The Atomic Knights operated in the nuclear ruins of Blüdhaven.


Formed by Gardner Grayle, the Atomic Knights' original goal was to protect the displaced citizens of Blüdhaven from harassment by the agents of S.H.A.D.E.. Working with an organization called the Roundtable, they masqueraded as ordinary refugees. After Captain Atom destroyed Blüdhaven, they retreated to a lush underground bunker named Command-D.

The group's next intersection with the other heroes of New Earth was during the Final Crisis. It seems that the alterations Darkseid made to the universe to cheat his own death changed the Atomic Knights' circumstances—now they ride giant dogs and are working with the government. Command-D was changed to a secret S.H.A.D.E. genetics lab which has been taken over by the Evil Factory. At least two members of the group died when Darkseid's forces showed their hand at Blúdhaven.


Equipment: Advanced suits of armor, based on the suit worn by Gardner Grayle.
Transportation: Mutant dogs, genetically engineered in the Command-D bunker


  • Although only six members of the team have been named, the group has something around 125 members, patrolling the borders of the city to prevent people from wandering Blüdhaven's toxic streets.

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