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Atropos is one of the Fates, the Greek Goddess who were, in ancient times, the keepers of human destiny; she was the destroyer of the fate, the one who cut the thread of life. After her sister destroyed the Loom of Fate, she lost most her abilities until, after the rebirth of the Multiverse, she began a quest to reassemble the Loom which culminated in her death.


The Greek Goddess, Atropos, was born in ancient times along with her sisters, Clotho and Lachesis. They were the Fates, the Goddess who were in charge of managing people's destiny through the divine Loom of Fate: in particular, Atropos was the one who ended human life by cutting its thread from the Loom.

At some point in time, Clotho decided to alter the course of destiny, giving free will to humans, by destroying the Loom and hiding its fragments between the infinite realities: this event greatly diminished Atropos and her sisters' power and they also lost the goals they lived for. Eventually, Atropos and her sisters took different ways.[1]


After the Multiverse was rebooted by the Paragons, Earth-1 was merged into Earth-Prime so the Loom of Fate's pieces were somehow scattered through time in the new reality.[1]

These events led Atropos and her sister Lachesis to start a quest for retrieving the various pieces. While Lachesis was manipulating Astra Logue into convincing John Constantine and the Legends to find the Loom for themselves, Atropos rampaged through time, searching for the pieces.

In the beginning, Atropos went to England to massacre Clotho's rock band, The Smell: she murdered in cold blood every members by revealing them her true form who is deadly to normal humans.

After catching up with Lachesis, Atropos traveled to British Columbia in 2020 where she murdered the crew of the show Supernatural. This event attracted the Legends' attention who came themselves to the murder scene: there, Atropos ambushed Constantine and almost killed him; the Goddess took his shape and reanimated the dead people as zombies who attacked Sara Lance and her sister, Clotho. After they retrieved the Loom's piece, Atropos revealed herself, used her human form to apparently kill Sara and got the piece.

Later, Atropos used the piece in her possession to track another one on the Waverider: while Zari Tarazi was in the Ancestral Plane, the evil Fate boarded the timeship and attacked Behrad Tarazi, who was waiting for her sister's return, killing him by cutting his life thread. Sara Lance, who had survived their death fight, assaulted the Goddess with an hell sword, gaining enough time her so that Gideon could open the timeship's doors in order to throw Atropos out of the ship after Clotho chopped one of her hands.[2]

Eventually, Atropos regenerated herself and returned to Hell, telling Lachesis about her defeat. Upon discovering about the Legends' temporary, Atropos used a large portion of her power to generate a Zombie Apocalypse in England to make the Legends waste their abilities.[3]

In the meantime, Atropos and Lachesis reached the Waverider where they captured Gary Green to discover the Loom's location. After discovering Astra's betrayal, Atropos murdered her and Gary and, as the Legends fell one after the other because of the zombies' attack, Clotho was forced to make a deal with Atropos and Lachesis.[3]

The Fates reassembled the Loom of Fate and altered the reality, creating a new universe where they ruled humanity and free will did not exist anymore. The Legends were spared from death by being transported into a fake dimension which was based on TV shows.[4]

Later, the Legends rebelled against Clotho's program so they moved to get the Loom again in order to restore their universe. Atropos faced Sara Lance once again in the Loom of Fate' storage room but the Tarazi interfered with the clash and distracted the Goddess, thanks to the Air Totem's abilities, so that Sara could get Atropos' life thread and messed up with it, causing the destruction of the Loom which was followed by Atropos' death.[5]




  • Loom of Fate: As the Loom of Fate is the source of the Fates' power, its destruction could make them powerless. The Fates could also be destroyed by altering their life thread in the Loom.


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  • This character is an adaptation of Atropos, a character in traditional stories. These include, but may not be limited to religious texts, myth, and/or folk lore. More information on the original can be found at Wikipedia.org.
  • Atropos was portrayed by Joanna Vanderham and, briefly, by Matt Ryan while masquerading as John Constantine.