Quote1 Oh, boys... I killed them, boys. I killed them and I got away with it. I'm out there, sucking air, and you'll never get me. Never find me, never touch me. There's no justice, is there? There's no justice. Quote2
-- Aubrey Jason src

Aubrey Jason is a high ranking member of the secretive criminal organization PYRAMID. As Lord Sovereign, Aubrey attempted to absorb as much energy as he could in order to become powerful enough to bring his megalomaniac plans to fruition. However, in the late 50s, Aubrey was just a simple low rank member of the organization and while escaping from Silver Agent, Aubrey broke into the Williams' home and killed Charles and Royal's parents. The boys felt the murder of their parents was not avenged as Aubrey had gotten away and after becoming adults the pair decided to infiltrate PYRAMID and try to assassinate the ladder climbing, mobile officer. Aubrey found out about their ruse and was able to stop them but not before he was distracted by an on-going fight between PYRAMID and a large group of heroes. Eventually, Aubrey decided to become something more in order to stay a step ahead of the boys and ensure his position at PYRAMID. He forced one of their lead scientists to give him powers but the experimentation drove him mad and left his violent tendencies unchecked. Now Lord Sovereign, Aubrey began absorbing power from the strongest forces in Astro City and came into direct conflict with the Pale Horseman. Weakened by the battle, Charles, Royal and the Silver Agent came back and fought the disoriented man and eventually destroyed the gems that controlled his powers and shot him in the chest forcing his absorption to fall in on itself and wipe him out of existence.


  • Unique Physiology: As Lord Sovereign, Aubrey Jason had become a powerful telepath that could absorb energy and direct it out in dangerous blasts.
    • Energy Absorption: As Lord Sovereign, Aubrey Jason could absorb massive amounts of energy from whatever source he could, including beings like the Pale Horseman.
    • Energy Projection: As Lord Sovereign, Aubrey Jason could project powerful blasts of dangerous red energy, enhanced by gems on his battle armor. His amplified blasts could destroy nearly anything they touched.
    • Flight: As Lord Sovereign, Aubrey could fly fast and far enough to do battle with dangerous monsters as well as heroes.
    • Mind Control: A being like Lord Sovereign could control the weak willed minds of those around him. If his victims were naturally subservient he could easily tap into their minds and force their actions.


  • Leadership: Having a detailed and analytical mind, Aubrey was able to rise in the ranks of his organization at any cost. His thirst for power and overwhelming will were two strong powers which revealed themselves after he became Lord Sovereign.
  • Firearms: A trained PYRAMID agent, Aubrey Jason used his skill with firearms to murder countless people.


  • Gem Power Suit: The experiment that changed Aubrey Jason into Lord Sovereign was disrupted and dangerous. Not only did it leave his mind damaged but it caused his new powers to become unstable and requiring that Aubrey wear a special suit which contained gems that would deflect and enhance his powers depending on how he used them.
  • Aubrey Jason was instrumental in accelerating the Dark Age as he was hiring and manipulating various forces throughout the world which all caught fire during this time period. Villains like Jitterjack and Joe Platypus were incited to violence under Aubrey's direction.



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