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Prysm, real name Audrey Spears, is a half-human half-H'San Natall member of the Teen Titans.

She has a crystalline body that could capture and reflect light.

An alien race known as the H'San Natall initiated a plan to seed the planet Earth with super-powered sleeper agents. To this end, they inseminated human women with alien DNA to genetically breed a child who would develop superhuman powers, but also be able to coexist with humanity. While most of these subjects were left on Earth to be raised by their parents, Audrey was instead raised on the moon of Titan.

The H'San Natall enslaved a group of Psion scientists to monitor Audrey's progress. From infancy, she was placed inside of a sensory deprivation suit and secured in a containment tube. Her conscious mind was developed through a virtual reality simulation based upon Earth fairy tales and a bevy of 1950s American sitcoms such as Leave It to Beaver and Father Knows Best. In this environment she was known solely as "Princess".

When she was sixteen-years-old, three of her fellow hybrids and the Earth super-hero the Atom came to Titan and liberated her. Being released from the VR simulation was a traumatic shock to Audrey's senses. The entire life that she had known was shown to be a lie. She had no idea what she truly was, or what the real world was actually like. The hybrids fought against their Psion captors as well as the H'San Natall enforcer, Jugular.

Audrey returned to Earth with the others and found sanctuary at the Solar Tower of Loren Jupiter. Jupiter banded the Atom and the hybrid children together and they became the second iteration of the Teen Titans. Audrey took the name Prysm.[1]

Forced into a strange, new lifestyle, Audrey did her best to assimilate herself into Earth culture. She knew that she would always be an outsider though because of her appearance, and because of this, she forged very strong bonds with her fellow Titans. When it appeared as if the Titans might break up, Prysm grew extremely upset, noting that this was the only family she had now. Fortunately, the team did not break up.[2]

During the Titans' initial fight against the mercenary team Dark Nemesis, Prysm was captured and placed inside of a black containment cube that negated her powers. Denied the ability to process solar radiation, Prysm's body began to darken and she grew extremely weak. Teammate Argent saved her life by infusing her with silver plasma energy, but the overload of energy caused Prysm to rocket through the sky, bringing her to the lost world of Skartaris.[3]


  • Unique Physiology: Transparent body comprised of a substance similar to glass. Skin color changes depending upon mood and/or nature of energy absorbed.
    • Energy Absorption: Audrey can absorb UV radiation.
    • Energy Projection: Audrey can refract ultraviolet radiation for a variety of effects.
    • Flight: As an extended application of her energy processing powers, Prysm can fly through the force generated by the energy that she absorbs. Her range and velocity while in flight is close to the speed of light.[4]
  • Psychic Link: Prysm possesses a psychic link with all of the alien-human hybrids that were genetically bred by the H'San Natall. Through this link, she can perceive the emotional trauma of her peers and can determine, within limited range, where her fellow hybrids are located.[5]


  • Artistry: Perhaps due to her being in-tune with the colors of the electromagnetic spectrum, Prysm is a capable painter, as she created very detailed portraits of her virtual family and of Isaiah Crockett by memory.


  • Vulnerability to Darkness: Audrey must consistently absorb solar radiation or else her physical form will darken and she will grow extremely weak. This is why she rarely wears clothing while serving on the team, though she will occasionally wear clothing if she is out in public. Regardless, Audrey's physical appearance makes it virtually impossible to maintain a secret identity.[6]



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