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Gus Gorman was a genius computer programmer who was coerced to use his skills for crime.

Gus Gorman was a down-on-his-luck unemployed person in Metropolis who enrolled himself in a school for computer programming after his unemployment check payments have ceased, who amazed people with his incredible skill with program design. He was hired on by Webbsco Industries, where he used his skills to embezzle money from the company. This attracted the attention of its CEO, Ross Webster, who then blackmailed Gorman into using his computer skills for controlling the world market.

His first scheme was to reprogram the weather-reporting satellite into creating weather that would destroy the South American coffee crops, but even as Gorman succeeded in reprogramming the satellite, Ross' plans were foiled by Superman's interference. Gorman was then given the task to destroy Superman by recreating Kryptonite, but as the computer was unable to analyze the "unknown" element in Kryptonite, he substituted it with tar. Gorman gave the synthetic Kryptonite to Superman as a "gift", disguising himself as a military commander, during a Smallville homecoming party held in Superman's honor. However, instead of killing Superman, the synthetic Kryptonite caused a behavior change in Superman that made him act in immoral and destructive ways, leaving Ross free to help Gorman construct the supercomputer that he developed along the way.

Eventually Superman regained control over his moral behaviors and set out to find Ross Webster, which led him to the site of what was called The Ultimate Computer, Gorman's brainchild. Along the way, Webster pelted Superman with a barrage of missiles. Then, upon Superman's arrival, he was first encapsulated in an energy bubble where he struggled for air until he ripped a hole big enough for Superman to use his heat vision to shut down its generator. Finally, Superman was struck with a beam of pure Kryptonite energy. As Webster congratulated Gorman, saying he will go down in history as "the man who killed Superman", Gorman turned against his boss and shut down the power core in order to save Superman. However, the Ultimate Computer repowered itself by drawing energy from nearby power plants, causing major blackouts in cities. With the Kryptonite energy beam striking Superman again, Gorman used an axe to destroy the beam's generator, but was blasted away by a repulsion beam by his own creation. Superman fled and then returned with a canister of chemicals that became acidic when overheated, luring the supercomputer into drawing him inside the power core with the canister which he opened. The acidic chemicals destroyed the computer from within, releasing its victims from its grasp.

After Superman turned Ross Webster, his sister Vera, and his assistant Lorelei Ambrosia over to the authorities, he flew a rather grateful Gorman to a West Virgina coal mine, where the mining operation supervisor offered him a job programming their computer. Gorman declined the job offer and chose to walk to the nearest bus terminal.




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