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Quote1.png Forty years ago, God challenged me as he did Abraham, but I was too weak to listen. But not no more! I knew you was unclean when you were born! And even more so when you killed your brother! I knew when you listened to that devil music. I knew when you shaved your body like a woman. I knew when you slept with the whores of polluted blood! And men! And even more so when you conspired with the forces of Baphomet against the United States of America! Quote2.png
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The White Dragon (real name August "Auggie" Smith) was a cruel and sadistic white supremacist supervillain and leader of the Aryan Empire, and the disapproving father of Peacemaker. Even after his death, he harassed and bullied his son to the point of insanity, driving him to do what he does as a vigilante.

Early Career

Rise of the White Dragon

Auggie Smith was a bigoted conservative soldier who, operating out of Evergreen, Washington, committed crimes as the white supremacist supervillain known as the "White Dragon", using a suit of armor. He was a cruel, uncompromising man, and amassed a following of fellow white supremacists known as the Aryan Empire to help him in his crusade to eliminate all people of color from Earth. Despite this, Auggie was never convicted of any crimes, and thus was never apprehended by authorities.

Training Chris

Auggie had two sons named Keith and Chris, and spent their early years training them to kill so they could help him as a vigilante when they were older. Auggie made Keith and Chris fight each other for the Aryans entertainment, but Chris punched Keith in the head too hard, and he suffered a fatal seizure. Auggie blamed and lost all approval and respect for Chris, and grew bitter and angry towards him, driving Chris to make his father proud by any means necessary. As an adult, he used his training to kill criminals in the name of peace as the vainglorious vigilante "Peacemaker", and Auggie, now retired, begrudgingly provided him with equipment and weapons for his crusade, most notably weaponized helmets, and supplied him until Peacemaker's arrest in 2017.[2][3][4][5]

Framed and Arrested

Four years later, Chris was released from prison to work in Evergreen with Project Butterfly, a black-ops team tasked with stopping the invasion of the alien Butterflies. Auggie reluctantly supplied him with various helmets and returned him his beloved pet eagle, Eagly, whom Auggie had been caring for since Chris went to prison. Later, Auggie was approached by detectives Sophie Song and Larry Fitzgibbon, and was arrested for the murder of Annie Sturphausen, which he didn't commit.[3][2]

Reunited with his son

While in prison, Auggie reunited with his some of his allies in the Aryan Empire, and began bullying the inmates of color almost immediately. Eventually, Peacemaker visited Auggie, and revealed that he had killed Sturphausen, and that his team's tech support, John Economos, switched the fingerprints on Peacemaker's car to frame Auggie for her murder to keep Peacemaker out of prison to complete his mission. A furious Auggie insulted his son, and decided to tell Detective Song, a decision fast-tracked by him being attacked by Peacemaker's friend Vigilante. When Detective Song checked his fingerprints, Auggie was proven innocent, and so he was reluctantly let go free.[4][6][1]

Hunting Peacemaker

White Dragon attacks Peacemaker

Furious and energized, Auggie reformed the Aryan Empire and resumed the mantle of the White Dragon to hunt down and kill his son. Armed with his powerful Dragon armor, the White Dragon led the Aryan Empire to kill Peacemaker once and for all. After locating him by tracking his helmets, the Dragon ambushed Peacemaker, Vigilante, John Economos, and Eagly, who were on their way to destroy the Butterflies' food source, the Cow. They engaged in a long and tense battle, and the Dragon managed to severely injure Vigilante and Eagly.

Death of the White Dragon

The White Dragon then pinned down Peacemaker and began berating him for all the things he was disappointed in him for, including his love for rock 'n roll music and killing Keith. Before the Dragon could kill his son, Vigilante leaped on him and sliced up his armor's circuitry with a knife, just as John came out of the woods with a machine gun and shot all the Aryans. With no more power in the Dragon's armor or followers to help him, Peacemaker lunged at his father and beat him senseless, finally letting out all the anger and hate he had for the man, and standing up for himself after so many years. The White Dragon kept taunting and insulting Peacemaker, calling him weak for not being able to kill him. A furious Peacemaker then picked up one of the Aryans' pistols and shot his father in the forehead, killing him instantly.[5]


Gone but not forgotten

Auggie Smith left behind a legacy of hatred and pain, with the prime example of that being his unstable and oversensitive son Chris. Auggie was practically worshiped by white supremacists, but his ideals alienated him from most others. Despite all this, Chris loved his father despite his constant insults, and by finally standing up to and shooting him, Chris broke his mind, killing the only family he'd ever had, and began hallucinating his father taunting him, ensuring he'd never truly be free of his influence.[2][4][5][7]


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