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Augustus Freeman is an immortal alien, stranded on Earth since the 19th Century. With the guidance of his partner Rocket, he became the superhero Icon.

While the rest of his spaceship slept, an alien named Arnus[1] tried to defend his people from an alien terrorist. He ultimately failed, and as the planted explosives went off, he only had time to save himself, launching away in a pod. He floated in space for an unknown amount of time, before eventually crash-landing on Earth, on a plantation in Georgia in the year 1843. When a pair of slaves found the pod, it altered the alien's DNA to better match theirs, transforming Arnus into a human infant--apparently based on the belief that intelligent species generally don't eat their young.[2]

The now-young, now-human boy was named Augustus, and adopted into their family. With his memories and natural powers suppressed for a time, Augustus lived among them, as another slave--but, when they began to return in the midst of the Civil War, he wouldn't stand by anymore. Augustus Freeman single-handedly freed the entire plantation, driving the slaveowners away, and declaring it free land for any slave who set foot on it. The plantation's neighbors, as well as local government figures, gathered a mob to attack the free people--only for Augustus to wipe them out as well. And yet more and more attackers continued to come, so Augustus decided to go on the offensive. He led a militia of those he'd freed to Richmond, Virginia, capital of the Confederacy, and killed President Jefferson Davis with his own hands. Despite this victory, the mysterious Benedict Lord--secretely the same terrorist who destroyed the alien ship-apparently killed Augustus, as well as covering up his revolution by destroying evidence and releasing a Davis impersonator.[3] In truth, Augustus was merely put into a coma by the attack, and would recover decades later, deciding to stay off the radar and plan a counterattack.[4]

Augustus eventually became a lawyer, and an influential one at that. Due to both his law firm and his alien heritage, he maintained a distant relationship with government agencies like the NSA, even working with them on several projects.[4] But with his success came complacency and disillusionment, as when he settled in Dakota City, he showed little interest in helping the oppressed, believing it to be pointless--money would always ensure someone was downtrodden. But, when a young woman named Raquel Ervin broke into his home and discovered his powers, she managed to convince him that someone with his incredible powers at least needs to try to help people, pointless or not. Equipping Ervin with alien technology to allow her to fight as his equal, Augustus and the girl became the superheroes Icon and Rocket.[2]


Icon's alien form


  • Vulnerability: One of the only things that can hurt Icon in any real way is an unnamed alien material, the same that composes the body of the alien Mr. Lord. Being stabbed by the terrorist's claws put Icon in a coma for decades.[4]

  • Icon's natural appearance in his alien form was green-skinned with orange eyes and no hair. As Augustus Freeman, he has a human appearance with brown hair and eyes.