Aunt Minerva was a crimelady who has been stopped by Captain Marvel multiple times.

She first came to the attention of the heroes of Fawcett City when she was being threatened by two members of a rival gang. The altercation was overheard by the magically-empowered Captain Marvel and his ally, Uncle Marvel, and the two men stepped in to send the mobsters packing. Minerva became instantly smitten with Uncle Marvel, and began scheming to make him her next husband, even as she also plotted to take over all gangland activity in Fawcett City. Ultimately, both of these aims were thwarted by Captain Marvel, and Minerva was sent to prison.

Since that time, Minerva has reappeared several times and at each turn has been defeated by Captain Marvel. On one of these occasions, she worked alongside Doctor Sivana and IBAC, trying to marry the latter villain without success.



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