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Quote1.png Barda, did you ever imagine that the world could be different? No fire pits, no endless war, no darkness. No constant threat of a boot to our neck... but how can we keep our heads up and eyes down at the same time...? Quote2.png
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Aurelie was the leader of the Female Furies on Apokolips, and saw that there was no more room for advancement in Darkseid's patriarchy.

Aurelie was trained by Granny Goodness to become one of Apokolips' elite warriors. Such training allowed her to rise up to become the strongest fighter of the Furies, but she secretly became an accomplished dancer as well.

Her dedication to Darkseid began to slip when the Furies had to submit to humiliating trials in front of Darkseid's Elite; irrelevant events such as the "Evening Gowns" or "Smile Contest". Her desire to escape only grew after Willik had begun abusing her under the guise of "Special Training"; while her fellow Furies condemned her for receiving what they saw as special treatment.[1]

An encounter with Steppenwolf's bastard Rublon enraged Aurelie, and she cut his throat. She and Big Barda buried Rublon's body on a comet. Afterwards, Aurelie reveals her abuse to Barda, who refuses to believe it. On top of not being believed, Willik witnessed her murdering Rublon and threatened to expose unless she continue his "Special Training", which eventually caused a pregnancy.

Aurelie tells Granny of her situation, but she condemns Aurelie's weakness and aborted the fetus, to use for her own ends. Worse still, Rublon's body fell to Apokolips, and Aurelie was sent to kill Himon's daughter and children in a misguided attempt at revenge. In the end, she decides to spare the children out of guilt for her role in their misfortune.[1]

During Willik's next "session" Aurelie lashes out and beats him, an act that places her on trial before Darkseid. She reveals what Willik was doing to her, but his denials were believed and she was humiliated. Pushed to the limit, she uses the accidental involvement of Beautiful Dreamer to escape to Himon's Refuge on Apokolips; but the remaining Furies recaptured her and she was left with Willik for punishment. As punishment, she had white-hot boots clamped onto her legs and was forced to dance until she was near dead.

Barda arrived in time to witness Willik's abuse, and Aurelie died in her arms.[2] Aurelie's last act opened Barda's eyes to the truth of Willik's abuse, which would later move her to flee Apokolips herself.[3]





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