Cutter was a serial killer in Gotham City who preyed on young women.

Austin Phelps was born in Gotham City, where he ran a sharpening service, operating mostly on house calls. It's unclear what happened to his psyche when he was twenty-two, but he definitely wasn't in his right mind when he received a call from the Hansen Mansion, one of the historical buildings of the city, inhabited by one of its richest and most powerful billionaires. He arrived with his van at the villa, and he started working on the house's knives, when he saw Vanessa Hansen-Grey, Mr. Hansen's daughter, the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Phelps grew an instant obsession with Vanessa, and he decided that they were meant to be together. With no experience in the field, he started following a small-time crook, a drug dealer named Garrett, who was also one of Vanessa's boyfriends. When Garrett gaveVanessa heavy drugs and left her dizzy, Austin intervened, and he took her on his van. He brought her to an abandoned building in the suburbs, and there he finally declared his neverending love to the girl and much to his surprise, Vanessa reciprocated his feelings, and swore that they would have always been together. Of course, there were some obstacles to their love, as Mr. Hansen had reported the disappearance of his daughter, and the GCPD, led by Captain Gordon, was leading an investigation on the matter. Thanks to the witnessing of Hansen's servants, it was Batman the first one who identified and reached Phelps, but during a struggle on his van, Austin managed to surprise the vigilante, and stabbed him with one of the countless knives he had on board, then throwing him out. Apparently, he and Vanessa were free to live their dream now, but Gordon tracked his van, and led Batman to his hideout. This time, the vigilante was prepared, and he easily overpowered him, breaking his wrist. As he laid, down, Vanessa took one of his knives and stabbed Batman.

Batman was hurt, but he barely noticed the wound, and he handed Phelps to the police, while Vanessa was being taken away on a police car. The cops believed Vanessa suffered from Stockholm Syndrome, and that she would have gotten over it in a couple of years, but they knew nothing of true love. All the time he spent in prison, Austin thought of his girl, and she thought of him as well. Finally, after ten years, he was released… but instead of the girl of his dreams, he found an aged woman waiting for him. Distraught over the loss of their love, the two devised aplan together: Austin tailored himself a costume, and became the Cutter, literally wearing knives all over his body to be ready for any nuisance. He would have helped his love become who she used to be again, by collecting body parts that looked the same of her younger self's ones from Gotham City University students. The hunt began: he first attacked Rachel Court, and took her hands, leaving her to bleed to death in the park. Then he got Kelsey Fourain, and he surgically removed her lower jaw; the girl survived, but her life wouldn't have clearly been the same anymore. Then, he kidnapped Diana Keyton, but as he prepared to take her eyes, a new vigilante intervened: Batwoman, who had been assisting Captain Sawyer and the GCPD. The two fought, and while the Cutter managed to get away, he lost his prize and trophy, thus losing precious time as Vanessa was faithfully waiting for him in their hideout. This was but a minor nuisance, as he soon found another target, Sienna Bailey, and he took her nose. With his fourth victim, a true manhunt had been unleashed on the Cutter, so his job was definitely harder, but he managed to get rid of both the police and Batwoman during the first car chase, and could proceed with his work. He selected Bette Kane as his next target for her ears, and he managed to get rid of Batwoman wounding Bette's friend, Cassidy, forcing the vigilante to take care of her as he escaped with his new prize. He was so close to reunite with his true love once again.





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