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Observer.io, formerly known as Auteur.io, is an ancient and forgotten God of Tales. He is the creator of the Archive of Worlds. Once obsessed with creating a perfect reality, he is now content to merely observe his creations.

The being which would one day be known as Auteur.io is an ancient God of Tales who is no longer worshipped and was forgotten by mankind centuries ago. His true name was forgotten, even by himself. He wandered the Earth for generations until he stumbled across a movie theater, which reminded him of his ancient temples. He regularly visited the theatre until the patrons stopped coming and it eventually closed down. He discovered that mankind was no longer interested in films, and had instead begun to worship a new God of Tales: Auteur.io, a software designed to emulate human creativity made by LexCorp. He flew into orbit and attempted to absorb the new god's soul from a satellite, but was instead infected by the new god's desire for perfection and encased in a suit of armor. In his madness he created the Archive of Worlds, seeking to create a perfect world.[1]

Batman and Superman discovered the Archive while investigating the malfunctioning satellite. They attempted to fight him, but Auteur.io was able to pull weapons from his worlds to fight them and imprisoned them in a Phantom Zone crystal he pulled fron The Planet Rann. Meanwhile within the Archive Dr. Atom, one of Auteur.io's creations from a world he had discarded, had learned the truth about his reality and was attempting to turn The World of Tomorrow into the perfect world Auteur.io was seeking so it would be spared by providing it with advanced technology and dumping all criminal or dangerous elements in The World of the Knight. He took the Superman of The World of Tomorrow and the Batman and Robin of The World of the Knight into the real world, just in time to see the real Superman and Batman trapped in the crystal.[2][3][4]

Dr. Atom approached Auteur.io and told him his plan to create the perfect world, but Auteur.io simply crushed his body for daring to tell him how to manage his creations. With his last strength, Dr. Atom detonated a bomb which injured Auteur.io and he fled into the Archive to heal. The three heroes followed him to The Planet Rann, where they met up with that world's "main character" Alanna. Auteur.io attacked them in the form of a Mammoth Quake Worm, a dangerous monster native to Rann. He had decided to go ahead with Dr. Atom's plan after all and offered Superman a deal to continue Atom's work to save his world. Superman refused out of hand and Auteur.io ate him. Alanna lead him to her father's lab where they shot him with an experimental weapon called a "Tornado Cannon". This forced him to spit out Superman and temporarily removed some of his armor, but when the cannon ran out of power it took back control and he fled through a nearby "burn hole" to the Desert of Doom, with the four heroes persuing him.

In the Desert of Doom he took the form of a steam engine and accelerated to dangerous speeds. The local main character El Diablo tried to stop the "runaway train" and met up with the others who were tracking the crystal. Batman decoupled him from the passenger cars and he resumed his humanoid form. He attacked the assembled heroes with his Archivist robots, but Superman flew around him and created a vortex which pulled his armour off. With his sanity restored, he told them who he was and what had happened. Batman told him to free the Batman and Superman of Earth 0 from the crystal, but before he could the armour overpowered Superman's vortex and took back control. He told them that as punishment for their insolence, he would destroy The World of Tomorrow.[1]

He returned to Earth 0 and ordered Etrigan, a creation who was aware of the true nature of his reality, to destroy The World of Tomorrow, giving him the crystal as payment. At his orders, Etrigan unleashed his demon army on Metropolis and went to the Fortress of Solitude to take control of the Superman Robots.[5] Meanwhile, Auteur.io decided to reproduce Dr. Atom's plan by influencing Alanna's father Sardath to perfect his world by sending the Quake Worms through the portal to the Desert of Doom.


Superman and Batman confronted Etrigan at the Fortress and convinced him to switch sides. They left The World of Tomorrow and Etrigan freed their "superseding instances" from the crystal. The heroes overpowered Auteur.io and the two Batmen reprogrammed his armor, curing him of his madness. He announced that he was now "Observer.io", and he would no longer interfere in his creations but allow them to develop naturally.[6]



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