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The Authority is a team formed by Superman to free Warworld from Mongul's tyranny.


The Authority is a team secretly assembled by Superman when he started losing his powers. Their purpose was to assault the planet Warworld and free it and its population from Mongul's tyranny.

Superman recruited Manchester Black after he ended up paralyzed during a police raid, after bringing him to the Fortress of Solitude he repaired Black's spine and explained to him his idea.[1]

Together they proceeded to recruit Steel, Apollo and Midnighter to rescue June Moone from a personal hell created when her fears were made real by the power of the Enchantress.[2]

Apollo was sent to recruit Lightray who, unknowingly to him, had been kidnapped by Eclipso, he was then attacked by an enraged OMAC while Ultra-Humanite, with the body of Solomon Grundy infiltrated the Fortress of Solitude and subdued Superman.[3] The rest of the Authority was attacked at Dubai by Coldcast; Fleur-de-Lis; Iron Cross and Siv.[3]

At this point Superman, who was being kept prisoner inside of Kandor by Ultra-Humanite who wanted to implant his brain into his body, managed to get free and stall Ultra-Humanite long enough for Lois Lane to neutralize Grundy's plant-based body with White Kryptonite. Superman ripped of Grundy's head and used it to contact Brainiac, who was once again trying to take over the Earth with the help of the Ultra-Humanite.[4]

The rest of the team managed to defeat their opponents and Apollo with the help of June Moone and OMAC rescued Lightray from Eclipso. At the Fortress of Solitude OMAC decided to join the Authority to stay with Lightray and Superman told them about his plan to free Warworld.[4]

With his team assembled Superman bid farewell to his friends and family and together with his new comrades left Earth for Warworld.[5] Their first battle against Mongul and his champions was a disaster. Lightray was killed, Apollo was mortally wounded and the entire team except Midnighter was captured.[6][7]


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