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JLA/Avengers (alternatively Avengers/JLA) was a four-issue limited series showcasing (one of) the first in-continuity meeting of DC Comics' Justice League of America and the Marvel Comics' Avengers. The two Universe's heroes had previously met in Amalgam Comics.

The mini-series was published in the 48-page Prestige Format, a book format that DC Comics often uses. Issues #1 and #3 were published by Marvel Comics under the title "JLA/Avengers" while issues #2 and #4 were published by DC Comics with the title "Avengers/JLA". The story as a whole was reprinted in a 2-volume collector's edition hardcover book, published by DC.


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JLA/Avengers is a 2003 intercompany crossover miniseries published by DC Comics and Marvel Comics.

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