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Quote1.png Avery has grown angry and cold. Our losses before Bart were already too much for her. Quote2.png
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Avery Ho is the superhero known as The Flash, and a member of the Global Guardians. When her fellow speedster Wally West was possessed by a mysterious entity, he absorbed the Flash Family's powers and killed Avery's best friend Wallace. Avery worked with the Family to use their Rogue's gadgets in order to take down their former friend.

In the future, Avery Ho was one of the many heroes who made up the Flash Family. She was also a member of the international Global Guardians, until a monster called Famine took the body of Wally West, and began attacking speedsters. One of his first victims was Avery's close friend, and Wally's cousin, Wallace West. The death made Avery angry and bitter, even more so when Famine stole her powers and kept her from being able to get revenge.

As the Flashes moved against Checkmate in order to use their technology against Famine, Avery joined them. The group even partially based themselves in her home. Wielding weaponized "Stun-Tops" taken from one of the Family's many enemies, Avery was present when Impulse was killed, which, alongside Famine killing her teammates in the Guardians, did not help her increasing anger.[1] While it's unclear exactly what happened to Avery after this, she was seen in a vision of deceased Flash Family members, allies and rogues experienced by Barry Allen two months later, suggesting she died at some point in that time.[2]




  • Stun-Tops: Presumably taken from the Top, the Stun-Tops produce a stunning electrical charge when thrown.



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