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Avery Ho is the Flash of China and a member of the JLC. She received her powers from the Speed Force Storm of Central City.

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The Speed Thief

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During the Speed Force Storm of Central City Avery Ho was struck by lightning and was given access to the Speed Force like dozens of other citizens. Due to her mindset Avery had no control of her new powers and as such constantly vibrated, unable to stop herself. She was soon visited by the Flash and the speedster Dr. Meena Dhawan of S.T.A.R. Labs.[1] After being taught how to control her vibrations she was brought to Dhawan's Speed Force Academy where she was taught to refine gifts under the guide of the Flash, August Heart and Dhawan.[1] Soon after this she and a number of Speedsters including Dhawan were attacked by an unknown speedster who stole all of the speedsters speed, killing them in the process. Avery was able to escape with her life and warned the Flash of what was happening but upon returning the pair were too late as the speedsters were all seemingly dead.[2]

Days later The Flash discovered that the Speed Thief calling himself Godspeed was his partner August Heart, who seeked to have all the Speed Force so he could kill every criminal in Central City. He took the speed from the victims of the storm although he didn't want them to die.[3] The Flash theorized that he would be able to take the speed off the citizens if they were willing for the process. Knowing that this was the only way to stop Godspeed from killing them the citizens agreed to go through with it. Flash took everyone's speed but before he could take Avery's speed Godspeed attacked him.[4] Flash was able to defeat Godspeed with the help of Kid Flash and so Avery got to keep her powers.[5]

Justice League of China

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Perfect Storm

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After some time with the Justice League of China Avery travelled to Central City to see Doctor Carver (the supposed leader of the science terrorists known as Black Hole) being put to trial. She rendezvoused with Kid Flash and attempted to protect Carver's convoy from Black Hole's attack, however the pair was unsuccessful as Carver had been killed. Soon after this time slowed down halting everyone in Central City from moving apart from Avery and Kid Flash.[6] The Flash and Kid Flash travelled deeper into the city where they found the Flash under attack by Multiplex. Meena was also present as she had been saved by Black Hole and now worked for them as the Negative Flash, as well as Raijin the self proclaimed Lightning God.[7] All of these Black Hole agents worked for the leader Gorilla Grodd who was attempting to steal the Flash's Speed Force so he could continue living. Seeing an opportunity to help the Flash Avery and Kid Flash, the pair stole Raijin's Lightning Rod and fled the scene with it. They soon met up with the Flash who had been saved by Wally West but not before having his speed stolen by Grodd.[7]

The Flash Vol 5 43 Textless

Avery and the Flash Family brainwashed by Grodd

Avery ran tests on Barry and detected traces of the Speed Force still inside him, and informed him that these traces would wear off and he would become frozen in time. After finding out everyone in Central City could be killed if Black Hole's lightning rod reaches full power, Avery offered to evacuate the city with Wally West and Kid Flash. When Barry told them to get out the city and hide from Grodd, they instead plan to free Meena from Grodd's psychic powers.[8] Meena did not listen to the duo and attempted to attack them, but was stopped by Godspeed. Avery, Kid Flash and Wally West fought with Multiplex and Godspeed fought with Meena. After defeating Multiplex the trio argued about who who managed to find the real one, before being brainwashed by Grodd.[9] While brainwashed Avery and the Flash Family fought against Barry, who defeated Grodd and freed them from his mind control.

After Barry switched off the lightning rod which was keeping the Speed Force storm in check, Avery helped evacuate the city with Kid Flash. After evacuating the city Avery ran into the Speed Force storm with the rest of the Flash Family to steal the Speed Force from it, which calmed the storm.[10] Avery told Kid Flash she was going back to China and the Justice League of China and flirtingly invited him to join her, which he denied. After Avery ran back to China Kid Flash told Robin he knew he was listening in, and Robin asked if Kid Flash sent Avery away because he still had feelings for Raven.[11]

Aqua-Man of North Korea

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After separating from the Ministry of Self-Reliance The Flash and Super-Man received a distress call from Bat-Man and Wonder-Woman. Upon arriving at the scene the team battle the emotion manipulating Apokoliptian Sleez and apprehend him. However the Lantern Corps of China intercept the League and attempt to arrest them under the authority of the Ministry. After escaping the area Flash and Super-Man are once again to combat a pair of giant crabs being ridden by a Korean teenager.[12]

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Death and the Speed Force

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Rogues' Reign

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Legion of Zoom

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Infinite Frontier

Justice Incarnate

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Following the disappearance of Barry Allen, Avery was recruited into the Justice League Incarnate, a multiversal Justice League team, by President Superman and Batman. Despite feeling out of her depth, she ran on a Quantum Treadmill in order to track a crack in the Multiverse and find Barry. Flash was instead transported along with Superman, Batman and Captain Carrot into the ruins of New York City on Earth 8. The team met Doctor Multiverse, who combined her powers with Avery's to send the multiversal crack they were tracking away from Earth 8 to stop Darkseid from reaching it. When Darkseid opened a Boom Tube to follow the crack, Doctor Multiverse kept it open for the rest of the team to follow.[13]

Justice League Incarnate Vol 1 1 Textless

Avery joins the Justice League Incarnate

Instead of following Darkseid through his Boom Tube, the Justice League Incarnate landed on the twilight world Earth 13. After calming Captain Carrot, Avery and the team met with the League of Shadows, who informed them that Darkseid was at war with the Great Darkness' many servants across the infinite worlds. The Justice League Incarnate was then transported to Limbo at the edge of the Multiverse where Darkseid and the crack were. As Maya destabilized the cosmic crack once again and send it to another universe beyond either of their reach, the members of the team became scattered across the Multiverse.[14] The Flash landed on Earth 31, where she was captured by Blackbeard before being rescued by Captain Wonder and the Amazons. Avery learned to use her powers to cross dimensions and rescued Batman from Earth 26. She would later inform Maya and Calvin on Earth 33 that the cosmic crack was now on Earth 41. Unfortunately, as they went to said earth they were intercepted by Darkseid, who traveled with them.[15]

The heroes learned from Maya that Darkseid was trying to stop the Great Darkness and his plans were ruined by Justice Incarnate. Grail and Kalibak soon arrive to inform Darkseid that the House of Heroes was being controlled by Orion, who crashed on Earth 7, which is in the hands of The Gentry. After Darkseid killed Batman for being infected by the Great Darkness, he pulled the crack out of Maya and left with his army to fight on Earth 7. The Justice League Incarnate then followed Darkseid, who was fighting with The Empty Hand, to Earth 7 in order to rescue their teammates, only to find that they were also possessed by the Great Darkness.[16]

The Flash and Doctor Multiverse were able to combine their powers to separate their possessed teammates from the Great Darkness. With Darkseid defeated, the heroes planned to destroy the Oblivion Machine, but Avery asked for a chance to save Barry Allen first. The Flash, Superman, Captain Carrot and Doctor Multiverse went through the rift and found themselves on a mysterious dimension. The team found Barry but failed to convince him to escape his prison as he believed it was paradise, they were then met with the arrival of Pariah, who made Maya panic and teleport everyone away. The team managed to arrive on the House of Heroes, which flying off Earth 7 as it was being destroyed along with the Oblivion Machine by the Thunderer. Doctor Multiverse told them that Pariah was the voice of the Great Darkness and was building a mighty army in the Bleed itself, which made the team travel to Earth 0 and warn the Justice League about it.[17]

Dark Crisis

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Justice Incarnate 002

Justice League Incarnate possessed by the Darkness

The Flash travelled to her native Earth to enlist the aid of the Justice League. Justice Incarnate teleported the League onto the House of Heroes and told them about their failed mission to rescue Barry Allen and the return of the Great Darkness. Shadow Demons soon attacked the House, making Doctor Multiverse teleport them all to source of the invasion, a ruined planet in Multiverse-2. There they found Pariah modifying his antimatter chamber from the first crisis to allow the Darkness to enter reality. Avery helped Black Canary fight Neron until Green Arrow was able to destroy the chamber, and the Dark Army disappeared, but in response, Pariah seemingly destroyed all the assembled heroes with a wave of energy.[18]

The Justice League Incarnate were not killed but instead possessed by the Darkness and sent to recapture the House of Heroes. Harbinger kept the Justice League Incarnate out by devoting all her energy to the House's outer defences, and a team from Earth-0 led by Robin reached the House and deactivated Harbinger's A.I. interface, which in turn weakened the defences and allowed the possessed Justice League Incarnate to break in.

They tried to break into the Orrery of Worlds from the House, but Doctor Light entered it first and was able to connect with the Light that fuels her powers. Her supercharged powers allowed her to destroy the chains of Darkness on Justice League Incarnate and free them from their mind control.[19]

Dawn of DC

Speed Force

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Beast World

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Flash Family Prime Earth Swarm Beast World

Avery and the Flash Family transformed into bees

Avery was in the Titans Tower when the Teen Titans told the other heroes about Necrostar.[20] Avery later teamed up with Kid Flash in Utopia Towers when she heard Barry's message to convene at Iron Heights. After they defeated Fadeaway Man, who had been turned into a squirrel, the spore leaped out of his mouth and changed Avery into a gecko. Kid Flash forced the spore out of Avery by vibrating her body. The pair discussed what the move should be called: Kid Flash suggested "the vivacious vibration", while Avery suggested "flash pulse". While at Iron Heights fighting transformed inmates, Irey suggested to the Flash Family that they should let the spores transform them. Avery got transformed into a moray eel before Irey turned them all into bees. As bees the Flash Family vibrated their bodies and burned Godspeed, forcing his spore out of his body and reversing his transformation.[21]


  • Speed Force Conduit: After the Speed Force storm in Central City, Avery gained access to the Speed Force, a mysterious cosmic force that pushes time itself forward.
    • Superhuman Speed: Avery is capable of moving at incredible superhuman speeds. While moving at super speed everything appers to stand still around her while she appears to be a barely noticible blur, her speed allows her to run on water and she is faster than both Wonder-Woman and Super-Man, having beaten him in a race around China.[22]
    • Superhuman Agility: Avery's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to superhuman levels. This allows her to easily maneuver while moving at superhuman speed.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Avery's reflexes are enhanced to superhuman levels and allow her to dodge bullets.[23]
    • Superhuman Stamina: Avery's body can handle the stress of moving at superhuman speeds for long periods of time without out getting tired or weak.
    • Speed Force Aura: As explained by Barry Allen, a speedsters body is surrounded by a "friction cushion" which provides light protection from the nastier elements of their speed.
      • Superhuman Durability: Avery's durability is enhanced to levels greater than any normal human. This is due to the Speed Force supplying her with a "friction cushion".
    • Electrokinesis: As a conduit of the Speed Force, Avery's body generates large amounts of electricity. This Speed Force lightning emanates off of her, especially when moving at superhuman speed.
      • Energy Absorption: By interlocking energy currents, Avery can drain away the Speed Force or Negative Speed Force, from other energy sources, such as a Speed Force storm.[24]
    • Enhanced Senses: The Speed Force grants Avery enhanced senses that allow her to perceive the world at a rate attuned to her reaction speed.
    • Molecular Acceleration
      • Intangibility: Avery is able to vibrate her molecules to phase through objects.
      • Invisibility: By vibrating at the right frequency Avery can turn herself invisible.[25]
    • Speed Steal: Avery can absorb the momentum of objects and people, slowing them down while increasing her own speed.[22]
    • Vortex Creations: Avery is able to create strong vortexes of wind by rotating her arms at super-speed.[23]
    • Time Travel: Like the other Flashes, Avery is also capable of time travel. Due to her experience with time travellers; however, she is adverse to using this power.[26]
    • Dimensional Travel: Avery is capable of changing the vibrative frequency of her molecules to travel across alternate relaities.[27]
    • Superhuman Strength: Avery can use her speed to boost her natural strength. During their first encounter she was able to punch Super-Man with enough force to make him bleed and hurl him a dozen feet away.[28]
    • Telepathy: Avery has demonstrated the ability to enter the minds of other speedsters via the Speed Force.[29]


  • Avery considers Kid Flash her best friend. She also has unrequited feelings for him.[31]
  • Avery was appointed by Barry Allen as his replacement on Justice Incarnate.[32]



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