Avery Twombey, a.k.a Cypher, was a musical engineer who could hypnotize people with subliminal commands.

He targeted the CEOs of the companies involved in a new technology project in order to sabotage it. Cypher used his hypnotic voice commands via musical sounds and hypnotized the people, forcing them to commit suicide.[1] The last CEO was Lucius Fox, who was saved by the timely arrival of Batman, Robin and Azrael. Cypher was sent to Blackgate Penitentiary.[2]

Eventually, Cypher partnered with Cluemaster, the Electrocutioner and the Baffler in an attempt to escape the prison.[3] During the escape, Cypher tried to betray the other prisoners in order to increase his own chances of escape. However, Cluemaster anticipated the betrayal, wearing earplugs to evade Cypher's hypnosis. Cluemaster shot and killed him in retaliation.[4]


  • Hypnosis: Cypher has the ability to send subliminal hypnotizing commands with his voice mixed with musical sounds.
  • Mechanical Aptitude: Cypher can create radio devices and tamper with the regular settings of common radios.



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