Avi Barak was born as a partially-activated comet Seedling in Orange County, California and moved with his family to their cultural nation of Israel at age sixteen. Throughout his adult life, Barak became a member of the Israeli Defense Force as an "inductive telepath" and a Stormwatch reserve member, code-name Seeker. During a border-security check, he discovered that a super-powered terrorist, augmented by a notorious Islamist fundamentalist Dhul Fiqar into a always-living suicide bomber, was a six year old boy Barak was force to kill him. But this did not stop the boy from exploding and killing a bus of school children. This event traumatized Barak and was close to commit suicide. He later enlisted in Team Achilles in initially finding Dhul Fiqar's location after his augmented posthuman terrorists attacked the United Nations Building.


  • Inductive Telepath: His powers are such that, if he asks a person a question, and he/she do not answer truthfully, he instantly absorbs the information from his/her mind. Through Santini's efforts, his power level is raised to a much higher rating, although it has left the psi a little less than balanced.
    • Mind Control: Barak can leave psychic traps in people minds capable of taking control of whoever tries to enter that person mind.



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