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Avia was the wife of Izaya, the one who would become the mighty Highfather of New Genesis.

First New 52 History

Born on the world before worlds, Avia and her family lived as mud grubbers under the tyranny of the Old Gods, who cared little about them besides her undying faith towards them.

One day, Uxas had enough of their rulers and created a war among them, destroying them one by one, bringing chaos to the world. It was too late to save Avia, but Izaya placed faith upon the Lord of the Sky to save her, so he took the most devout of his believers with him and bestowed Izaya the last remains of his power, transforming him into a New God.[1]

Though Avia was initially presented as originating in the world of the Old Gods, a later storyline presented a different origin.

Second New 52 History

The brothers Izaya and Uxas arose in Galactica, the Third World[2], which was born from the Living Atoms of the fallen Old Gods[3]. Other New Gods followed, amongst them Avia. Eventually, Avia and Izaya were wed; they lived in peace until Uxas murdered Avia. This action sparked a civil war that set god against god and turned Galactica to ruin. After seven days of horrific war, Uxas and his followers were cast out. In time, Uxas would claim Apokolips as his domain, becoming the God of Evil, Darkseid.[3]


  • Craft Improvisation: She can improvise in any craft, talent or skill. She has the skill to farm.


  • No/Wrong Material: The wrong materials, materials that have nothing to do with the craft, and/or anything else needed/not needed for the talent in question.



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