Quote1.png I eliminated my need for food and sleep in 1942, stopped aging in '43, and learned to close wounds with the power of my mind in '44. Quote2.png
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Doctor Axel Brass, also known as the Mind of the 20th Century, is a Century Baby and a member of Planetary.


During the time of Robespierre an eclectic group of intellectuals in France gathered together with the goal of creating a perfect human. They created new dietary systems, exercise regimens, and methods of education which they then tested on their children whom they later had breed with one another. This process carried on for generations, each new set of children being smarter, stronger, and stranger than the last until finally only a brother and a sister were left. From their incestuous union came Doctor Axel Brass.

Brass was born at midnight on New Year's Eve, 1900 joining the number of Century Babies. He would eventually have many adventures finally bringing together various extraordinary individuals. Which Brass and his team fought various horrors, including Daemonites and a strange force that melts people where they stand. In 1945, seeing that World War II was ending, they activated a computer that performed calculations through multiple universes; the purpose was to advise them of how to build a perfect world. Unfortunately a side-effect of this calculation was the construction of parallel Earths, the last of which housed an analogue of the Justice League of America. These beings lept to Brass's world in order to annihilate every man, woman, and child on this Earth to make way for the population of their Earth; as the computer would finish its task, the new beings' world would be destroyed.

All of Brass' team gave their lives to win in the ensuing battle against the creatures. Brass was the only survivor of both teams, but his legs were ruined. Unable and unwilling to leave the portal to other worlds unguarded, Brass then stayed awake for fifty four years until he was discovered by the Planetary team, underestimating the passage of time by two decades. He has since made reappearances in the series, undergoing therapy in an Planetary-sponsored hospital facility.

He has formed a friendship with Planetary member Elijah Snow, who often asks him for advice. He encouraged Snow not to give up after the Kaizen Gamorra attack on Moscow, for even though many innocents did die, the enemy was stopped.[1]


  • Mind of the 20th Century: Axel Brass is one of the Century Babies, a being produced by the multiverse for a specific task. In his case, he carries the greatest of intellectual and visionary ideas and concepts of the 20th century. He apparently accomplishes by surrounding himself with people of intellect and other means to accomplish think tank type of activities.
    • Immortality: He was born "with the century" - on the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve of 1900. As he grew he displayed certain superhuman abilities and skills, as well as immortality (not aging beyond his 40's). It has been theorized that they act as an immune system for the planet, his very existence protecting Earth. As such he supposedly represents an aspect of the century into which he was born.
    • Decelerated Aging: Some degree of retarded aging, as he is over 100 but looks to be in his early forties.
    • Superhuman Strength
    • Superhuman Stamina
    • Enhanced Sense of Smell
  • Mind over Matter: He has virtually complete control over his own body.
    • Self-Induced Sleep Deprivation: He has no need for sleep.
    • Self-Induced Self-Sustenance: He has no need for food.
    • Self-Induced Healing: He has learned to close his wounds with the power of his mind.


  • Axel Brass is based on "Doc" Savage, the Man of Bronze, a pulp hero of the 1930s.



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