Brain Storm created a special helmet that allowed him to absorb stellar energy, which he could use to create virtually anything his imagination could conceive. This invention, having warped his mind, caused him to hallucinate his brother Fred's death. In his twisted ideals, Brain Storm captured the Justice League so that they could witness him taking justice into his own hands by killing the man responsible for his brother's demise. Part of his plan involved stealing the powers and abilities from the Justice League members and redistributing them to random people.

However, a side effect to Brain Storm's power was that whoever the power was used upon could also access the energy abilities and the JLA members were suddenly mentally linked to the people who gained their abilities. Transporting them to Brain Storm's base, their arrival freed the Justice League from Brain Storm's trap and they fought against him.

They battled a group of stellar-energy powered threats, and came to realize who it was that Brain Storm blamed for his brothers death - the Green Lantern. However, Green Lantern explained that due to Brain Storm's interference with his attempt to capture Fred (who just robbed a bank), the combination of both their powers transported Fred to France and erased his memories.

Bringing Fred to them and restoring his memory, the Justice League convinced Brain Storm to end his vendetta against the Green Lantern. However, Brain Storm realized that escape was the best course of action and teleported away without a trace, leaving the JLA to turn his brother over to the police.[1]

Brain Storm soon returned however to plague the League once again. This time, he used his powers to give each team member a severe physical disability. Superman was struck blind, Flash's legs were fused together, Green Arrow suddenly had no arms, Green Lantern began to stutter both literally and mentally, and Hawkman developed breathing problems. In spite of these handicaps, the JLA managed to overcome the odds and fight back against Brain Storm. After the battle, Brain Storm restored all the JLA members back to normal.

Brain Storm retaliated though, and used his power to create duplicates of himself. He also succeeded in capturing the League, turning all but Batman into his drone slaves. Finally determining which foe was the real Brain Storm, Batman knocked him out, relinquishing his control over the JLA members.[2]

One of the regulars at the Dark Side bar, Brain Storm briefly lost his special helmet in a card game to one Wally Tortolini, but eventually regained it.[3]

Some years later, Brain Storm turned up again, this time without the benefit of his powers. He kidnapped the Terrorsmith in the hopes of using his powers to reactivate his own lost abilities. This plan proved unsuccessful however, and the Terrorsmith was able to escape.[4]

Brain Storm, or someone dressed like Brain Storm, was one of many costumed villains who attended Roulette's "House of Pain", although he did not participate in any of the exhibition events. It is unclear whether this was actually Brain Storm himself, or perhaps one of the other spectators who enjoyed dressing up as a famous super-villain.[5]


Delusional: The effects of his helmet warped Axel Storm's mind, twisting his ideals, and making him see things as he wants to see them, not necessarily as they truly are.


  • Stellar energy helmet: Brain Storm's special helmet enables him to absorb and channel cosmic energy for a wide variety of effects.
  • Although this character was originally introduced during DC's Earth-One era of publication, their existence following the events of the 1985–86 limited series Crisis on Infinite Earths remains intact. However, some elements of the character's Pre-Crisis history may have been altered or removed for Post-Crisis New Earth continuity, and should be considered apocryphal.



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