The Trickster was a member of the Rogues prior to Superman's Regime's rise to power.

Trickster was kicked out of the group by Captain Cold for spying on the other members.

During the fifth year of the Regime, Walker attempted to reconcile with the Rogues, who had lost Captain Cold and joined Batman's Insurgency, but stumbled upon them mid-battle with Bizarro, who thought he was the real Superman. After Bizarro murdered Heat Wave and Weather Wizard for saying he wasn't the real Superman, Trickster caught on and instead encouraged Bizarro by pretending the monster was the real Superman and that the real Superman was actually the impostor. Because of this sign of "friendship", Bizarro and Trickster became friends before "Superman" went to fight Superman.

While Trickster taught Bizarro about what it meant to be a hero in the Middle East, Bizarro accidentally dropped Trickster while flying with him when the monster went to blow his nose with both hands, killing Walker. Bizarro desperately tried to find anybody he knew to "fix" Walker's dead body.




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