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Axis America was created by a power broker named Manson and his Clockwatchers organization.


It was a secret fascist cult who ran a children's home called Safe Haven which was run by a married couple named Shepherd and Vela, who are Ubermensch and Hel respectively. Manson decided to activate the Axis in response to the defection of one of his prized operative: Faith, who had left his service and joined the JLA.

Safe Haven was used as the catalyst to draw the JLA in for its destruction (and to coerce Faith into returning to Manson). Manson used Axis America to rig a false explosion and gave the illusion that Safe Haven had been recklessly destroyed by the JLA. Then Manson used a "mnemonic conjurer" called the Mouth to make the JLA members believe in their guilt. Ubermensch and Hel along with Great White, Zaladin and Fleshburn engaged in combat with the remaining JLA members. Axis America were ultimately defeated by the JLA.[1]


  • Axis America is an updated and modernized version of Axis Amerika. Unlike their predecessors, this team appeared to be American natives, but held the Nazi ideals of "purity, cleanliness and order".

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