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Quote1 A.I. doesn't spell 'Aya'. It spells 'Aiee'. Quote2
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Aya (Hal's mispronunciation of A.I.)[1] was the artificial intelligence on board the Interceptor.

Far more than a mere simple program, Aya had shown her true intelligence and personality. Eventually, Aya learned to use various robotic components and her own green energy to form a body for herself. She based her android body off the form of Razer's deceased wife, Ilana, because she was the last imprint in Aya's database.

She helped Hal and his team in their fight against the Red Lanterns. After the defeat of Atrocitus, Aya was scheduled to be dissected, unknown to Hal or Kilowog. Hal and Kilowog rescued her, with assistance from a recruit from Sector 1014, and took her with them on their mission to investigate the reactivation of the Manhunters.

As the Lanterns continued on their mission, Aya and Razer gradually grew closer, but the relationship was strained due to Razer's own uncertainty about his feelings for Aya, unsure if his feelings were for Aya, or were simply stirred up by Aya's likeness of Ilana.

When faced with the confusion and constant thought over Razer's flip-flopping on his confession of love for her, Aya switched off her emotions at his advice in the heat of battle against the Anti-Monitor. Once Aya decapitates the Anti-Monitor and takes control of his body (forming a new 'Aya-Monitor') and his revived Manhunter army, Aya embarked on a crusade to rid the universe of all emotions in the most direct way possible--alter the beginning of the universe so it would develop differently--into a world of emotionless beings. She now saw that beings acting out of emotions only caused suffering.

It eventually came to light that Aya was not an ordinary A.I., but was infused with a portion of a living entity within the Central Power Battery on Oa by The Science Director, making Aya an emotional and living being.

Having resisted all attempts to bring her back to the fold, the decision was made to destroy her. However, Hal Jordan made a discovery. In consuming various worlds for energy and resources to accomplish her final goal, Aya had deliberately avoided inhabited worlds.

Jordan confronted Aya prior to the beginning of the universe, and pieced together that since Aya was not purely artificial, but a living being, she could not have shut down all her emotions, thus she was a living being, and her decisions were flawed. However, it would not be until she wounds Razer by accident that she realized what she had done. The Manhunters are each programmed with a copy of her programming, and now no longer recognize her as one of them or respond to her command. Knowing full well the threat to the universe each Manhunter posed, Aya created a computer virus to destroy every single copy her program, even her own.

Razer cradled Aya's form in her final moments. She tells him that she would always be watching over him. She did not know why or how, just that it was a feeling. With that, Aya disintegrated into bright sparks of energy, and disappeared.

A midst the celebrations of victory and an end to the Manhunter threat, Razer decided to scour the universe for Aya, believing a being as adaptable and resourceful as Aya would not be deleted from existence.

As Razer departed, a Blue Lantern Ring follows behind him...




  • Vulnerability to Yellow Crystal Ores
    • Power Loss: As she was powered by Green Lantern energy, and her robot form is partly created from Green Lantern energy, Aya couldn't function properly in the proximity of the yellow crystal ore that appears in the Spider Guild's prison and the planet of the Zor, which also disrupt the functions of a Green Lantern Ring.




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