Light Lass is a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

When Ayla's and Garth's older brother Mekt went to Korbal, their ship crash-landed. Ayla suggested that they should trick the local lightning beings to recharge the ship's batteries, but they were attacked and gained electrical powers. In an unknown later accident, Ayla lost her electrical powers and gained the ability to negate the pull of gravity of certain objects.

She has dated Sun Boy, Ultra Boy and Timber Wolf.

Brainiac 5 thought that it's disturbing that some persons so powerful as Light Lass treats their powers like party tricks.[1]
Light Lass and her brother Garth have recently been reunited with their older brother Mekt.[2]


  • Gravity Manipulation: Ayla has the ability to negate the pull of gravity. According to Brainiac 5, Light Lass and Star Boy are two of the most powerful sentient beings in the universe because of their ability to manipulate gravity, the dominant force in universe for shaping large-scale structure of stars and galaxies.




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