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Spark, Ayla Ranzz of Winath, is a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes with the ability to generate Lightning blasts. She is the sister of fellow Legionnaire Live Wire.

Ayla gained her powers when she was stranded on Korbal along with her two brothers Garth and Mekt, and was supercharged with electricity in an accident with the local Lightning Beasts. When Garth left Winath to look for Mekt, who had run away from home, Ayla was largely ostracized by her peers for not having a twin. But when she revealed her lightning powers to the world during a terrorist's attempted kidnapping of the Winathian Presidents, she gained popularity and renown on her planet for her abilities.[1] When the United Planets instituted a draft program for the recently created Legion of Super-Heroes, she was Winath's natural choice for representative.[2] Unfortunately, although her brother Garth had actually been a founding member,[3], he was legally a runaway. Ayla was forced to displace him due to UP regulations, becoming the sole Winathian Legionnaire.[4] They were unable to work side by side until R.J. Brande, the Legion's financier, became President of the United Planets and changed the Legion into a volunteer organization.[5]


Ayla's powers have alternated between electricity generation (Lightning Lass) and gravity nullification (Light Lass) throughout her history as a Legionnaire.

  • Electrokinesis: As Lightning Lass, Ayla Ranzz possessed the ability to generate and project bursts of high-voltage electricity.
  • Gravity Manipulation: Following the resurrection of her formerly-deceased brother, Garth, Ayla developed the ability to decrease the gravitational pull between objects and a planetary surface, making them literally lighter than air. Upon regaining her electrokinetic abilities, Ayla may have maintained her gravity control powers, but if so, she almost never used them again.




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