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"Devil Down Below": A girl named Mitzi is trapped in the upper floor of a collapsed building and Calibax is waiting for her on the lower floor.

Quote1.png You got me to the far shore. Isn't that what we all want--to get to the far shore? Quote2.png
Nicholas Scratch

Azrael: Agent of the Bat #52 is an issue of the series Azrael: Agent of the Bat (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 1999.

Synopsis for "Devil Down Below"

A girl named Mitzi is trapped in the upper floor of a collapsed building and Calibax is waiting for her on the lower floor.

At that moment, Nicholas Scratch convinces a couple of Marshals to take him to Gotham City in order to deliver a message. The marshals are hypnotized by Scratch and agree to take him as soon as they ready the boat. Azrael was watching Scratch from afar when a woman approached him and asked him to take her to Gotham to look for her daughter and Azrael reluctantly agreed.

Mitzi wasn't sure if Calibax was still down there and a the man with whom she had spent the days in Gotham started to complain about her attitude and mistreating her.

Azrael caused a distraction by pushing a burning truck to the marshals' shore office. The distraction was used by Azrael to get into the boat with the woman whose name was Jasper Fredang. Nicholas Scratch approached the marshals and demanded to be taken to Gotham. One of the marshals obeyed and took Scratch to the Gotham shore.

Mitzi and the man, named Benny, were starting to starve and Benny decided to go down looking for some food as he believed that Calibax was gone. Mitzi tried to make him stay but Benny was meaner towards her and went down anyway. When he stepped down, Calibax appeared from the shadows and killed Benny, leaving Mitzi alone and desperate.

When the boat reached the far shore, Scratch and the marshal stepped down and suddenly three thugs tried to attack them. Scratch tried to use his hypnotic powers on them but the marshal fired his weapon and broke the spell. Azrael was attracted by the gunfire and he dealt of the three men but in the meantime, Scratch seized the opportunity to run away. When the way was clear, Azrael told Mrs. Fredang to step out and they started looking for her daughter.

Calibax found a way to the upper floor and he threatened Mitzi's life as she screamed for help. Azrael and Mrs. Fredang listened the scream and Azrael climbed to the top of the building to rescue her. Azrael and Calibax fought for a while but Azrael was tired from the previous fight and with his last effort he managed to knock Calibax off the building, apparently killing him.

Ms. Fredang arrived at the scene and when she saw Mitzi she reproached her all the suffering she caused her during this time and from her pocket took out a gun and fired to Mitzi, but missed the shot. Mitzi told her that she missed it but Mrs. Fredang told her that it didn't matter, that she just had to get it out of her system and then the two of them hugged each other. Azrael was glad to see a happy ending in No Man's Land.

Appearing in "Devil Down Below"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Mrs. Jasper Fredang (First appearance)
  • Mitzi Fredang (First appearance)


Other Characters:

  • U.S. Marshals
    • Willy (Single appearance)
    • Joe (Single appearance)
  • Benny (Only appearance; dies)





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This issue is a part of the Batman: No Man's Land crossover that swept through all Batman Family Titles during 1999. Gotham City was declared by the President to be no longer a part of the United States after the combined disasters of Contagion, Legacy and Cataclysm.
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