"The Night Foretold!": Azrael dreamed of an old-west scenario in which Batman was the marshal and he was his companion and he faced Nicholas Scratch in a fast draw duel and Azrael managed to kill Scratc

Quote1 I believe we've met before. Your name is Azrael--or at least that's what you were calling yourself then. I take it you weren't impressed by my speech. How unfortunate for you. Quote2
-- Nicholas Scratch

Appearing in "The Night Foretold!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Joker(Cameo)
  • Penguin(Cameo)
  • Two-Face(Cameo)
  • Whitney Fogston (Single appearance)
  • Phoebe (Single appearance)




Synopsis for "The Night Foretold!"

Azrael dreamed of an old-west scenario in which Batman was the marshal and he was his companion and he faced Nicholas Scratch in a fast draw duel and Azrael managed to kill Scratch.

Dr. Thompkins woke him up and she asked if he was fine. Azrael fell asleep after he went searching for medical supplies for Leslie but instead found a gunslinger novel and that was the reason behind his dream.

Somewhere in the city, an armed man shot another one injuring him badly. Batgirl arrived to the place, disarmed the man and took the injured to Leslie's medical center. Azrael asked Batgirl to show him where did she found the man and she took him to the exact same place. The attacker was still roaming the place and this time Batgirl knocked him down. Azrael and Batgirl took the man to Leslie's and the doctor was impressed to see that the man had no visible injuries but he was knocked unconscious. Azrael heard the man saying something about a man called "Nick" and he deduced that it must be Nicholas Scratch. Batman then appeared and reminded Azrael of the task he gave him. Azrael must take down Scratch and bring him to Batman. Batgirl was assigned to help Azrael to accomplish the mission. Elsewhere, Robin and Nightwing were preparing themselves to start working on the tasks Batman gave them.

The two of them went to their mission and before leaving, Azrael promised Leslie that he wouldn't use violence unless it was completely necessary. They arrived at the place Batman told them Scratch would be and took down one of the guards. Azrael decided to get into the place as Jean-Paul and Batgirl remained outside to check for any unusual activity. Once inside, Jean-Paul saw Nicholas Scratch giving an speech to a great group of people about taking control of the city by the force, using some weapons he managed to hide inside the city. Azrael played along and grabbed a gun but the man who handled it to him, was the same man they took to Leslie's center and he recognized Jean-Paul at once. Jean-Paul started to run but some of Scratch's goons started to follow him and as he was running away from them, he was knocked to the ground by Nicholas Scratch, who deduced Jean-Paul was in fact Azrael and walked towards him with no good intentions.



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