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"Azrael: Pilgrim's Return": Batman asked Azrael to keep an eye on the streets near Robinson Park for the next couple of days because Catwoman would arrive at Gotham City with important things that wo

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Azrael: Agent of the Bat #59 is an issue of the series Azrael: Agent of the Bat (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 1999.

Synopsis for "Azrael: Pilgrim's Return"

Batman asked Azrael to keep an eye on the streets near Robinson Park for the next couple of days because Catwoman would arrive at Gotham City with important things that would change the course of things in No Man's Land. Batman wanted Azrael to provide protection to Catwoman and Azrael agreed.

Elsewhere, Catwoman hijacked a helicopter from the U.S. Marines and forced the pilot to take her to Gotham City. At the same place, Vin Nastacio from the Hardcases, Inc., arrived at the air base and demanded to use a helicopter. The colonel in charge forbid it but Vin knocked the man down with ease. Then, the co-pilot that Catwoman knocked to take the helicopter recovered and told Vin about Catwoman. With the marine help, Vin took a chopper and followed Catwoman to Gotham. The pilot of Catwoman's chopper tried to head to New York City but Catwoman realized and punished the pilot for trying to cheat her and then they were back on the track to Gotham.

Azrael told Leslie about the mission and she asked him to avoid violence as much as he could. At that moment, Azrael met with a man who used to work as an auditor before NML and that now was convinced that he must keep looking for irregularities in the city, without acknowledging that the city has been destroyed. Azrael them moved to Robinson Park and looked for any unusual activity.

Catwoman's chopper was already above Gotham City but the pilot decided that he didn't wanted to explain his superiors that a woman hijacked his chopper and used him to reach Gotham and that he would rather crash the helicopter to the ground hoping that they found Catwoman in the wreckage. The helicopter crashed and the pilot was killed by the impact. Catwoman moved out of the wrecked helicopter but her body was injured and could barely walk. Vin arrived at the crash scene and spotted Catwoman. Vin descended to the street and demanded the discs from Catwoman. She was in no conditions to fight against him but before any of them could move, Azrael arrived and stood against Vin for Catwoman's safety. Azrael and Vin started to fight and it seemed that it was an even match of strength, skills and stamina.

Catwoman reached the meeting point and delivered the discs to Batman. Batman had no words that would describe how thankful he was with her but Catwoman was in a bad condition and didn't listened. Batman noticed that she was injured and told her to take care of herself.

At Leslie's medical center, Jean-Paul arrived in a bad condition and Leslie wanted to examine him, but Jean-Paul told her that it would be better to first check the man he was dragging. Azrael had taken Vin to be healed after their match.

Appearing in "Azrael: Pilgrim's Return"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Vin Nastacio
  • U.S. Marines
    • Colonel Caslet (Single appearance)
    • Freddy (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Wilmer F. Von Slinkery (First appearance)






  • Despite the reading order, the events of this issue take place at the same time as Catwoman #75 and the end of both issues take place at the beginning of Batman: Shadow of the Bat #93. All of them share similar panels, art and dialogues.
  • Catwoman uses a wood table to support herself after the helicopter crash, even in the presence of Batman; whereas in Catwoman #75, she dropped it to prevent Batman from noticing she was injured.

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