"Evacuation": Batman told Azrael and Batgirl to go down to Joker's territory and evacuate all the people to the Blue Boys territory.

Quote1 Don't bother me! I'm busy being upset! Quote2
-- Joker

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Synopsis for "Evacuation"

Batman told Azrael and Batgirl to go down to Joker's territory and evacuate all the people to the Blue Boys territory.

Meanwhile, Oracle and Nightwing learned that people outside of Gotham City had begun talking about the reopening of the city.

Joker was thinking that Batman and the GCPD might be working on some plan againts him and so he recruited a thug that was willing to dress up as him and wander the streets in order to learn about any unusual activity.

Azrael and Batgirl arrived at Joker's territory and began telling the people to move away to Blue Boys territory. They evacuated a place filled with children but they didn't noticed that a little girl was left behind. Azrael and Batgirl moved to a collapsed building to tell the people inside to move out but they realized that the people were Joker's henchmen. Out of the shadows came Joker and they attacked Batgirl and Azrael. The two of them knocked them all out and Batgirl attacked Joker and knocked him down. Azrael was surprised but then they realized that the man wasn't the real Joker. They moved out and continue to evacuate the zone.

Azrael and Batgirl thought they were finished but they learned that there was still someone in the danger zone. That moment, Joker found the little girl that was left behind and told her that he would use her as a hostage. Azrael and Batgirl found Joker and his group but this time they thought that it was another man posing as the real Joker. Without any fear, Azrael rescued the girl and advised the clown to take off the makeup and the wig. Joker was completely shocked for Azrael's reactions and he forgot to tell his troops to attack the duo.

When they were far form the danger zone, Azrael talked to Batgirl and was thankful that they never encountered with the real Joker. Azrael looked at the little girl and told her that she was safe now.



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