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B'dg was a member of the Green Lantern Corps.



  • Green Lantern Power Battery: Like all Green Lanterns B'dg possesses a power battery, this battery allows B'dg to refuel his ring when it is low on charge by uttering the Green Lantern Oath.


  • Green Lantern Ring: B'dg possesses a Green Lantern Ring, a weapon of vast power which is fueled by his willpower. The ring gives him a vast amount of abilities in order to perform his role as a galactic peace keeper.
    • Energy Construct Creation: Using the ring B'dg is a capable of fabricating his thoughts into physical constructs of hard light. The strength of such constructs is dependent on the amount of willpower B'dg possesses.
      • Force Field: B'dg is capable of forging incredibly strong force fields out of hard light. These force bubbles vary in strength and size depending on how B'dg wants them.
    • Energy Projection: With the power of his ring B'dg is able to fire concentrated blasts of hard light out of his ring, he is also able to create constructs that are able to fire these concentrated blasts.
    • Flight: B'dg is able to resist the pull of a planet's gravity and navigate through the sky unaided by technology. He is also able to traverse in space.



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