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This incarnation of Bruce Wayne hails from a Dark Multiverse reality where he retired from being Batman after an accident that made him paraplegic. He continued helping Gotham City by modernizing it through the money of the Wayne Foundation which led people to refer to Bruce himself as B.A.T.Man.

At some point in time in the Dark Multiverse, Bruce Wayne became paraplegic and had to retire from the vigilante life. He eventually became the full time leader of Wayne Foundation and chose to continue helping Gotham by using his money to privatize the city services and help his city become the best version of itself: this led people to call him the B.A.T.Man, the man who buys all things.

Years later, along with all of his family, Bruce Wayne was attending a ceremony in his honor, which was hosted by his adopted son, Tim Drake, where he had to receive an award for his noble actions. However, he was suddenly teleported away from his reality by the Batman of Earth 0 that was trying to save him from the Batman who Laughs who had previously targeted him.[1]


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