The entity known as B.I.O.N. (Biologically Integrated Organic Network) is the creation of the hostile extra-terrestrial race called the Dominators in the year 2995. The creature apparently began as a sentient life form, but its exact race, identity and gender are currently unknown. Dominator scientists grafted advanced cybernetic technology to this being, and wiped its mind clean of any intelligence or will power of its own, and then programmed it to obey orders. The intention was that it would serve as a more "human-looking" champion for the people of Earth, who were currently living under Dominator rule, and that B.I.O.N. would help to keep the citizens docile.

B.I.O.N. uses technology that includes the same computer processing abilities of the COMPUTO sentient computer, created by Legion of Super-Heroes member Querl Dox, AKA Brainiac 5. Additionally, B.I.O.N. has metagene-abilities that allow it to mimic the powers of many of the known Legion members…including the projection of lightning bolts, telepathy, magnetism, the ability to replicate itself in triplicate, intangibility, invisibility, shape changing, the power to expand or shrink in size, super-human strength, invulnerability to harm, visual powers including x-ray and heat vision, super-human senses, 12th level intelligence, solar powers, illusion-casting, transmutation (turning one substance into another by force of will), martial arts skills, the power to increase or nullify gravity, the power to transform into a being of solid iron, the ability to consume any known type of matter, and possibly other abilities that are as yet undocumented.

As the Dominators were preparing B.I.O.N. for its mission, they were also experimenting with a longer-term solution which they called SW6. The SW6 project involved the use of DNA samples from the various youths who had been members of the Legion of Super-Heroes, and cloning new versions of the Legionnaires who would also be subject to Dominator control. However, an act of terrorism in the Earth megacity of Metropolis resulted in the destruction of the Fusionsphere, a source of nuclear power for the city, and a side effect of this explosion led to the SW6 subjects escaping before their brainwashing to ensure Dominator loyalty was complete. To retrieve the SW6 subjects, B.I.O.N. was programmed to attack and capture them based on their genetic patterns, and sent to hunt them down.

Unbeknownst to the Dominators, several of the original Legion members (now older, but still active) were on Earth at the time, covertly organizing a resistance to the Dominators and planning a coup that would free Earth from Dominator governance. One of these was the Daxamite heroine Laurel Gand, alias Andromeda, and since her genetic pattern was one of those that B.I.O.N. had been programmed to attack, the creature fought her; when she found herself unable to defeat B.I.O.N. she fled, seeking refuge on the planet Talus. B.I.O.N. then used the triplication powers built into it to split into three separate but equal beings, one of which chased Andromeda to Talus. This B.I.O.N. was ultimately destroyed by the Sklarian female Brita An'nan, AKA Kono, who had become an ally of the older Legion members. Kono had metahuman powers that B.I.O.N. was not programmed for, and thus she was able to destroy this replicate. Its body was taken to the new Legion headquarters, where Brainiac 5 began studying it.

The other two B.I.O.N.s remained on Earth to continue their hunt for the SW6 subjects, but were unable to locate them. Eventually, after several more months, they were able to trace their inert third self to the new Legion headquarters and attacked there in an effort to rescue their "brother." The Legion members fought them to a standstill until the two active B.I.O.N.s realized that the older Legion members were not their true targets; the B.I.O.N.s then took the body of their third self and escaped, presumably reintegrating it into themselves and restoring it to full functionality. B.I.O.N. has not been seen since.

Given the fact that the Legion, coupled with a resistance movement on Earth, were able to ultimately force the Dominators to give up their hold on Earth, it is possible that the Dominators recalled B.I.O.N. back to their homeworld and de-activated it, although this cannot be confirmed at present. It is presumed, though, that the Dominators could always re-activate the construct…or at worst, build a new one…and unleash it at any time.


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