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Wildebeest was a renegade test subject of the Wildebeest Society who joined the New Titans.


The Wildebeest Society experimented with genetically-created host bodies to house the tainted souls of Azarath. The Baby Wildebeest was their only successful experiment, before the organization was destroyed by the New Titans. Taking care of the infant creature, the Titans soon realized that it could transform into a grown-up Wildebeest, and let him join the team. After the New Titans disbanded, Wildebeest moved with fellow ex-Titans Red Star and Pantha to the Solar City in Russia, where they raise him as their own son. Indeed, much to Pantha's annoyance, "Baby" has always regarded her as his mother.

New Titans

The Baby Wildebeest that the society had created loved Pantha, much to her initial disgust, and considered her his mother. Although the size of a human toddler, he had disproportionately powerful strength. He later demonstrated the ability to gain adult form to protect his "Momma". Pantha originally did not like the creature, often talking about various ways Baby could or would die. Her attitude softened as Wildebeest stayed with the team.

During a Titans vacation to California, Baby Wildebeest and the other Titans had time to visit the beach. While the others were distracted, he built a gigantic sandcastle, with intricate shapes and molding, resembling a cathedral.

When Pantha left the Titans, she took Baby Wildebeest with her and later, along with former Titan Red Star, the three formed an unusual family unit.

Baby Wildebeest would participate in the battle to save his old friend Cyborg, whose magnified power levels threatened the entire Earth. A series of misunderstandings led to the Titans allies attacking the JLA. Baby Wildebeest was knocked out by Superman.

Later, Superboy-Prime was confronted by a team of Titans, including Wildebeest and Pantha, on a highway outside of Keystone City. Superboy-Prime, mentally ill, kills Pantha with a blow to the head. Baby Wildebeest attacks and is killed instantly by a heat vision blast through his torso. Red Star survives the battle to mourn his unofficial family.

Blackest Night

Baby Wildebeest returned as a Black Lantern in the Blackest Night crossover. He was seen with Aqualad, Aquagirl, Dolphin, and Pantha.


  • Unique Physiology: Wildebeest is a genetically created mammalian humanoid. As such he has a very unique physiology.
    • Size Alteration: Baby Wildebeest was a genetically born baby grown in a lab and cultured to be the perfect solider for the Wildebeest Society. He was the only one of the test subjects that had a perfect outcome to their tests and enhances. When he feels threatened or angry Wildebeest can transform into an adult version of himself with the ability to speak, think, and react quicker then he could as a baby.
    • Superhuman Strength: Wildebeest in no matter what form he is, Baby or Adult has exhibited superhuman strength such has being able to overpower Beast Boy in his many strength enhanced forms as well as crushing cars and breaking down walls and doors.
    • Superhuman Stamina: As a baby, Wildebeest has a harder time controlling his strength and has less endurance but enough to sustain holding large amounts of weight without succumbing to its force. As an adult, Wildebeest can control his strength due to his endurance and has focused his strength into powerful blows and tackles with ease.
    • Superhuman Durability: Wildebeest has a large amount of durability within his small form. He has taken blows that would essentially incapacitate someone in his small form, yet in his adult form Wildebeest has taken direct his from Superman (although after a few he did fall), full level enhanced blasts from Cyborg without sustaining visible damage and locked horns with Beast Boy without losing ground.


  • Power Instability: If Wildebeest is hit hard enough he can revert back to his baby form where he is more vulnerable.



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