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Backlash is a member of the Aryan Brigade.

Thus far, very little has been revealed regarding the background of the man called Backlash. He is a Caucasian man that was apparently born somewhere within the American Midwest, and he is known to have strong sympathy with the Nazi viewpoint towards minorities and other non-Aryans. However, the federal government has currently ordered that no information regarding his true identity or the origin of his powers can be revealed to the general public as yet.[citation needed]

He first came to public attention as a member of the Aryan Brigade, a group of metahuman terrorists working with the white supremacist group called the Aryan Nation. When the Aryan Nation developed a plot to expose the entire United States to a deadly virus that would attack only non-whites, the Justice League sent a special task force to infiltrate the organization and help destroy it from within.[1] It was at this time that the Aryan Brigade came into conflict with the heroes of the Justice League; they were defeated and subsequently arrested.

Sometime later, Backlash and the other Brigade members were recruited for The Cadre, a team of metahumans organized by an alien being called the Overmaster. This brought them again into conflict with the Justice League, and once again they were defeated; however, the majority of the Cadre members managed to escape, including Backlash. He remained at large for some time.

More recently, Backlash organized a different group of Aryan villains into a new version of the Aryan Brigade. They attacked a Las Vegas casino but were quickly defeated by Freedom Fighters members Firebrand and Black Condor.[2]


  • Metamorphosis: Backlash has the metahuman ability to elongate his arms until they more closely resemble the tentacles of an octopus or squid, allowing him to enwrap and constrict a foe or to use the arms as punishing whips.



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